Upgrade Your Morning Coffee With These High-End Hacks


| LAST UPDATE 09/29/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Fellow ODE Grinder Kitchen
@jerney via Instagram

Nothing is more welcoming to our mornings than the perfect cup of coffee. It really does start our day, no matter what. But perhaps coffee should be seen as an art, and for those mornings when we can't be served a latte with the perfect milk-to-coffee ratio, these high-end kitchen gadgets should do just the trick.

A bad cup of coffee should never be an option. Although it's happened to the best of us, we should prepare ourselves not to be in that situation in the foreseeable future. When considering coffee as an art, we are weighing different caffeine styles, such as latte, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, or a simple americano. So, what's the secret behind achieving a flawless morning blend? It all depends on how well the beans are ground, the correct amount of time, and the foamed milk that defies gravity. For brands like Nespresso, their innovative milk frother and simple coffee machine have given light to our lives. Now, brands are stepping it up and have developed professional step-by-step gadgets for the brew.

Niche Luxurious Coffee Gadgets
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Perfectly ground beans are essential. If the beans are coarse, the coffee will lack flavor. Yet, if the beans are too fine, you can expect an "over-extracted" bitter taste. Introducing the Fellow ODE Grinder, an automatic bean blender that produces correctly brewed coffee. The machine includes an autostop feature, a 64mm flat burr, a small footprint, and grinds silently, creating a perfect sleek start. Niche Zero has further manufactured an advanced piece of coffee bean grinding technology. Forget the filtered coffee, as this "single dose grinder" is "highly efficient" that is "simple to use and easy to clean." Switching between different filter grinds is not a problem when there's a machine as sturdy as this one. When boiling the water, there's nothing wrong with going the extra mile with the Fellow Stagg Kettle with Bluetooth control. This is the perfect gadget for those straight americano lovers. The elegance of the machine has temperature control to your preference and can maintain the boiled water for up to an hour. Don't worry about leaving the room, as the Bluetooth feature allows kettle control from your phone. So, don't stress about rushing to the kitchen when you can boil from your bed.

Bottom line, it's important to treat ourselves when it comes to coffee. After all, what better way to start the morning? Still, there are far more state-of-the-art gadgets that will enhance any kitchen experience. Check out these must-have toasters to bring breakfast time to the next level...

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