The Best Luxury Beauty Products for Fall


| LAST UPDATE 09/07/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Fall Beauty Luxury Products
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With a new season approaching, it's almost an excuse for a fresh start and a new lifestyle to align ourselves with the fall aesthetic. After sun-kissed glows and sweat-proof makeup hacks, fall is a whole new story. Keeping our bodies nourished is essential, especially as the sun is about to go into hiding. So, here are the best luxury items to keep us intact.

Brighten up the day in the morning with Kichi's new Forever Oil. A 100% natural blend of "six rare cold-pressed oils;" Tsubaki flower, prickly bear, ashwagandha, maqui berry, red raspberry, pomegranate, and rosehip. Its potent omega 3-6-9 formula "protects the skin from pollution and stress" while enhancing our youthful glow. So, this non-greasy product will keep your skin hydrated through a "natural regeneration process." Another way to shell shock all ages is Swissline's Intelligence Peace Booster. Suitable for sensitive skin, the vitamin B3 ingredient acts as a peace booster to "encourage repair on a cellular level," tackle "uneven skin tone," and reduce redness, breakouts, and irritation." For more specific facial areas, skincare "wizard" Dr. Zion Ko has delivered one of the most innovative eye masks to date, Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Masks. The mask contributes to transforming those fine lines into refreshed eyes. Tiring days and sleepless nights can get the better of us, so this new eye mask with "firming blue agave" can bring that twinkle back.

Fall Beauty Luxury Products
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For a little extra shine, the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright+ Eye Crème is the perfect addition to our fall routine. The triple vitamin C complex and pure gold aim to "visibly reduce dark circles and fine lines." At the same time, the fruity combination of "antioxidant-rich orange extract" and the "light-reflecting banana powder" produces awakening results. Most of us need a good night's rest to create a wide-eyed morning. That's why Ignae has introduced us to their Night Complex. The "smoothing squalane, water-binding betaine, stress-protecting ectoin, and antioxidant aloe vera" reduces wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, and relaxes the muscles for an eye-lifting result. Lastly, Mahsa's new Charcoal and Ginger Activated Mouthwash is nothing like the average Listerine. Aside from its stunning and sleek bottle design, the anti-inflammatory ginger reduces mouth irritation and eliminates bacteria, the whole product helps to "strengthen the gum tissue" and "targets teeth staining." The mouthwash vouches for its "360 approach to health."

If these beauty products don't have us feeling completely refreshed for fall, we don't know what will. Thank to these incredible inventions, we can now enter fall in style. There's always an excuse to take the look good feel good approach, and there's a whole selection of luxury items to choose from! Stay tuned for more hacks.

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