Cease These Three Bad Habits To Boost Your Health


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Break Bad Habits Meditation
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There are many reasons to start committing to new healthy habits and kick out the bad ones. Still, taking baby steps is essential when stepping out of our comfort zone. We don't want to become overwhelmed with this new lifestyle just to end a vicious cycle of starting again and again. So, let's begin with three core habits that impact our health and well-being.

While new years day is just around the corner, some of us can't wait until then to start something new. While it is important to prioritize our health all the time, a few loopholes can make the process easier. If you have found yourself indulging in too many glasses of champagne after a summer of barbeques and lavish events, why not try sober October? There's no point beating yourself up for all those tipsy days, but using the fictional October holiday might be a good excuse for a detox. According to the approved health organizations, we should not consume more than 14 units per week. That being said, cutting down - even for a month - can improve our blood pressure, lower the risk of liver disease, and avoid unwanted weight gain.

Sober October Breaking Habits
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Amid the rise of advanced technology, we are conditioned to admire any project that constantly surfaced on a screen. We have become "increasingly reliant" on our gadgets, even to the extent of making sure it is the last thing we acknowledge when we wake up and before we go to sleep. Whether this is to check emails, chat with friends, or even scroll through the devil that is social media, it's time to take a break. While screen time damages our eyes, it is no secret it affects our mental health, more than we think. Don't cut off the technology altogether. Instead, monitor screen time, replace virtual connectivity with physical interaction, and restore technology with calming supplements in daily routines, such as journaling or meditation. Lastly, while this does not apply to everyone, WHO's data in 2020 addressed that 22.3% of the world's population are tobacco users. Quitting is only the beginning of a healthier life and improved respiratory health while avoiding "unsavory" health issues. Traditionally, ex-smokers can try e-cigarettes with GP-approved juice or even nicotine patches. Still, it is crucial not to get caught up in the alternatives and replace the old bad habit with a new one.

While there are only three beginner steps, they are small but mighty. Even if these bad habits are put on halt for a month, the results are more effective than thought out. Research shows it generally takes between 21 and 28 days to break or start a new habit. So, you might surprise yourself, and that one month you chose to start might change your lifestyle forever.

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