Expensive Royal Luxury Items

From Expensive Estates to Costly Tiaras: 23+ Luxury Items Only Royals Can Afford


| LAST UPDATE 08/03/2022

By Sydney Holder

From diamond tiaras to fancy cars and rare art collectibles, the British royal family is used to leading a life of luxury! So, here's how much these extravagant items are really costing them...

Prince Harry's Dege & Skinner Wedding Outfit


The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018 was nothing short of iconic. From the star-studded guest list to the breathtaking outfits, jewels, and everything in between. This includes Prince Harry's uniform!

Prince Harry Royal Wedding Prince Harry Royal Wedding
WPA Pool / Pool via Getty Images

Prince Harry's custom-made Dege & Skinner Blues and Royals uniform was estimated to cost $10,246, according to Insider. The perfectly tailored outfit looked nothing short of fitting for a Prince, from the detailed pins and brooches to the fitting red stripe down his legs and the ruffled fabric down the front.

Prince William's 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 Motorcycle


In 2018, Prince William visited the Triumph Motorcycle headquarters, per the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Twitter. Yes, they have a combined Twitter. At the headquarters in Hinckley, England, the Prince himself opened the factory's newest Visitor Experience Center and took one of the bikes for a little spin.

Royal Family Luxury Cars Royal Family Luxury Cars
IAN VOGLER / Contributor via Getty Images

Prince William test-drove one of the Triumph Tiger 1200 models, and instantly he knew he needed to have one. The Duke of Cambridge bought the bike for around $16,895. He later revealed to professional racer Jonathan Rea his love for riding and how he used to ride when he was younger but has put the hobby to the side for now.

Meghan Markle's Classic Givenchy Dress


Shortly after the big wedding, Meghan Markle was pictured out with the Queen herself. The duo traveled to Cheshire in England to open a bridge, and the new Duchess of Sussex chose a beautiful Givenchy dress for the occasion! The Queen also looked adorable in her lime green coat and matching hat.

Meghan Markle Royal Luxury Meghan Markle Royal Luxury
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

However, it was Markle's $18,000 dress, according to Insider, that stole the show. The Duchess paired the tan mid-length classic day dress with a thin black and gold belt and matching closed capelet tan detail. The Duchess of Sussex and the Queen look like they are full of smiles on their day out!

Queen Elizabeth's 4-Strand Pearl Choker


The classic and exquisite four-strand pearl choker necklace was given to Queen Elizabeth II as a gift from the Japanese Government during the 1970s when she visited the nation. It is valued at $34,093, according to the family's official website. Considering it is dripping in pearls and a diamond clasp, this checks out.

Queen Elizabeth Royal JewelryQueen Elizabeth Royal Jewelry
WPA Pool / Pool via Getty Images

Her Majesty almost always is seen wearing a pearl necklace during her engagements. But this four-stranded necklace has been seen on a few more members of the royal family other than herself. Both Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and the late Princess Diana have rocked the necklace for different occasions.

Prince Harry's 2015 Jaguar F-Type


Turning 30 is scary for many folks, even Prince Harry! The now 37-year-old Prince and father of two shared with Gavin Braithwaite-Smith from motoringresearch.com that turning 30 to him meant he was "Slowly starting to feel old." So what did that mean for the 30-year-old Prince?

Expensive Royal Luxury Cars Expensive Royal Luxury Cars
Chris Jackson / Staff via Getty Images

In order to compensate for a pre-mid-life crisis, the Duke of Sussex decided to purchase a 2015 Jaguar F-Type that came decked out with many amenities - from an 8-inch touch-screen infotainment system to a 10-speaker Meridian audio system. We hope the $63,000 car, per motoringresearch.com, helped him beat the birthday blues.

Queen Elizabeth's Maple Leaf Brooch


The Maple Leaf Brooch has not only been worn by Queen Elizabeth II, but multiple royal family members have worn the stunning diamond pendant. The brooch was gifted to Queen Elizabeth by King George V before the Queen flew to the beautiful country of Canada for the first time.

Queen Elizabeth Royal BroochQueen Elizabeth Royal Brooch
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

According to The Crown Chronicles, the decked-out diamond leaf cost $132,372 and was meant to be worn as a sign of respect to the country. Recently, other royal family members have been seen wearing the remarkable brooch on their Canadian adventures.

Meghan Markle's Givenchy Wedding Gown


Givenchy frequently styles the Duchess of Sussex, so when the French luxury fashion house was called to design Markle's dress, we knew it would be a costly affair. Markle strutted down the very long aisle in a wide-neck white 3/4-length sleeve and trailing skirt, matched with a 5-meter-long silk tulle veil.

Meghan Markle Royal WeddingMeghan Markle Royal Wedding
WPA Pool / Pool via Getty Images

Artistic Director Clare Waight designed the $265,000 wedding dress, and according to Givenchy, Meghan wanted to have "All 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony." So, the artistic director hand-made each of the country's flowers and stitched it into the veil!

Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Wedding Gown


Per Insider, Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress is the most expensive outfit worn by a royal family member in recent history - and for $332,000, we get it. The victorian-inspired dress was hand-made by Alexander McQueen's Royal School of Needlework for the royal wedding in 2011.

Kate Middleton Wedding DressKate Middleton Wedding Dress
BEN STANSALL / Stringer via Getty Images

The one-of-a-kind McQueen wedding gown was covered in handmade lace with 58 gazar and organza-covered buttons - all finished with a 9-foot train. In an official Palace statement, "Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterizes Alexander McQueen's work."

Prince Charles' Aston Martin Db6 Volante


A passion for collecting sports cars must run in the family! The $359,200 Aston Martin Db6 Volante that William drove on his wedding day was given to the Prince of Wales by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1969 for his 21st birthday! Princess Diana also owned one very similar!

Expensive Royal Luxury VehiclesExpensive Royal Luxury Vehicles
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

The license plate of the expensive car that William drove on his wedding day read "JU5T WED." Very cute. It was later revealed in a BBC documentary with Charles that the car was capable of running on white wine, and it "Smells delicious as you're driving along."

Queen Elizabeth's Range Rover


Over the years, it has been known that the royal family has a particular affinity for owning Land Rovers. For years, Queen Elizabeth II has been seen riding in multiple models of the classic Land Rover - and this $400,000 vehicle has a rather unusual feature.

Queen Elizabeth Range RoverQueen Elizabeth Range Rover
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

As reported by Dick Lovett, a car enthusiast, the royal family's tie with the British vehicle manufacturers dates back almost seven decades! However, the number one Range Rover enthusiast of all is Her Majesty, the Queen herself. So much so that she had a custom-made Corgi statue printed onto the hood of her car!

Queen Alexandra's Garrad Pearl Parure


Queen Alexandra was gifted a beautiful Garrad pearl parure as a wedding gift in 1863 - in addition to a tiara, brooch, earrings, and a few more unique pieces. According to The Court Jeweller, the pearl necklace was made of "Button-style pearl and diamond clusters with pear-shaped pearl pendants."

Expensive Royal Tiara Jewelry Expensive Royal Tiara Jewelry
JOHN STILLWELL / Contributor via Getty Images

However, Queen Alexandra would often not wear the pearl parure as a set and instead would wear the $419,220 necklace on its own. For that high cost, it definitely can sit beautifully on its own! Kate Middleton was last seen wearing the gorgeous accessory with the matching earrings at a banquet in 2018.

Princess Diana's Sapphire Wedding Ring


This stunning sapphire rung belonged to the late Princess Diana and was gifted to her as a wedding ring from Prince Charles. After her death, Prince Harry wanted the ring as a memento of his mother to give to his future wife. So, Harry and his brother agreed whoever would marry first would use the ring as an engagement ring.

Princess Diana Wedding RingPrincess Diana Wedding Ring
ARTHUR EDWARDS / Staff via Getty Images

In Prince William's engagement interview, he said, "It [the ring] was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today… and the fact we're going to spend the rest of our lives together." The ring was worth $60,000 when it was bought, according to The Crown Chronicles, and is now valued at $500,000.

Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau


This show-stopping diamond bandeau was made in 1932 and initially owned by Queen Mary. The $2,794,350 detailed diamond tiara, according to Town & Country's Elizabeth Angell, was "Formed as a flexible band of 11 sections… and a central detachable brooch of 10 brilliant diamonds."

Meghan Markle Royal Tiara Meghan Markle Royal Tiara
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

Meghan Markle wore the beautiful headpiece over eight decades later at her wedding to Prince Harry. The accessory was given to Queen Mary, Harry's great-great-grandmother, in 1893 by the County of Lincoln as a wedding gift. And before Markle wore it for her big day, it had been locked up and untouched for nearly 65 years.

Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara


Per the Royal Collection Trust, the stunning fringe tiara was commissioned in 1919 and was a wedding present to Queen Mary by Queen Victoria and has been passed down through generations. Princess Beatrice wore the one-of-a-kind Fringe tiara on her wedding day in 2020.

Queen Mary Royal TiaraQueen Mary Royal Tiara
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

As a true testament to its timeless design, a few royal family members have worn the $6,818,630 tiara on their wedding day, including Princess Anne in 1973 and before that Princess Elizabeth in 1947. The Royal Collection Trust reports the expensive was made with 47 tapering bars and 46 narrower spikes. What a piece!

Queen Elizabeth's Oriental Circlet Tiara


This incredibly exquisite tiara was first designed in 1853 by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria. It features the lotus flower design within seventeen Mughal arches set in 2,600 diamonds from Garrards. However, the Oriental Circlet tiara has only ever been seen on Queen Elizabeth once.

Queen Victoria Royal Tiara Queen Victoria Royal Tiara
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the unbelievably beautiful piece is worth $8,182,356. In addition to the clear diamonds, the tiara also showcases exquisite rubies and sometimes is referred to as The Indian Ruby tiara or as the Indian tiara.

Queen Elizabeth's Bentley State Limousine


The maroon-colored Bentley State Limousine was gifted to the Queen in 2002 as a symbol of fifty years of her succession to the throne. The car is the official state limo, and according to Vanarama, a UK car leasing company, the vehicle is valued at around $13,989,080!

Queen Royal Car Bentley Queen Royal Car Bentley
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

The Bentley State Limo only comes out for official events, and although the vehicle is most often seen driving relatively slowly, the car can reach up to 130 mph - it is a Bentley, after all. The Queen's luxurious limo is fitted with bulletproof windows and drives alongside the royal protection squad and police cars.

Queen Mary's Rare Mosaic Fabergé Egg


Of the 50 Easter eggs made by the jeweler Carl Fabergé for the late Nicholas II to give to his wife, Queen Mary landed 3 of the pieces. Queen Mary received the pieces in 1933, with the Mosaic egg being especially rare. The exceptional pieces are now a part of the Royal Collection.

Expensive Royal Luxury Collectibles Expensive Royal Luxury Collectibles
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

This decked-out, multi-colored and multi-jeweled mosaic egg is estimated at $25,700,000 according to the Royal Collection Trust. The egg is designed with a mix of diamonds, pearls, garnets, sapphires, topaz, rubies, and emeralds. It also has a medallion surprise located at the center!

William & Kate's Anmer Hall Home


Since the birth of their children, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge moved into Anmer Hall in 2015. Since 2017, they've used it as their permanent residence. Located on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England, Kate has put all her energy into restoring the home - and it is now worth $41,814,900.

Royal Family Estate AnmerRoyal Family Estate Anmer
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

On the massive estate also lays Sandringham Palace, owned by Queen Elizabeth II. The beautiful and enormous palace is composed of three stories and ten bedrooms and was actually listed as the family's quarantine spot, according to Women & Home. What a spot to quarantine!

Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate


Speaking of Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate, her country house in Norfolk, England, is widely recognized in the royal family. The private home belonging to the royal family was built by Architect Cornish Henley and has been a part of the family for four generations.

Queen Elizabeth Home SandringhamQueen Elizabeth Home Sandringham
WPA Pool / Pool via Getty Images

A family heirloom like this definitely doesn't come cheap! According to multiple sources, the estate rounds out to be worth about $65,000,000. This definitely checks out, considering the property is set on 20,000 acres of greenery and consists of an ornate entrance hall and ballroom.

Her Majesty's HMY Britannia


Four royal honeymoons have taken place on this wildly pricy HMY Britannia, according to the Royal Yacht Britannia Website. Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 honeymooned on the extraordinary ship. And before that, in 1960, Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

Expensive Royal Luxury Yacht Expensive Royal Luxury Yacht
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

Constructed in 1952, His/Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the "One place I can truly relax," according to Queen Elizabeth II herself, per Princess Motor Yacht Sales. The $69,607,250 yacht holds the Queen's cars and private hospital and has sailed more than 1 million nautical miles during its time out at sea.

King Edward VII's Cullinan III & IV Diamonds Brooch


This very pricey and gorgeous Cullinan III and IV Diamond Brooch is made from the largest diamond that has ever been discovered. The diamond was discovered in 1905 according to the Royal Collection and was the biggest diamond found in South Africa. It was given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 by her grandmother, Queen Mary.

Expensive Royal Diamond Jewelry Expensive Royal Diamond Jewelry
Peter Macdiarmid / Staff via Getty Images

Although it was cut down into nine different luxurious diamonds after it was found, according to National Geographic, it weighed more than 3,000 carats when it was found in its original state. NBD. Vogue approximates the cost of the 94.4 and 63.3-carat brooch to be worth $100,000,000!

Queen Elizabeth's McDonald's Branch


This might come as a surprise, but we're lovin' it. Queen Elizabeth II owns one of the 37,000 (ish) McDonald's chains located just outside of London. According to Business Insider, Her Majesty's McDonalds can be found at the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park in Oxfordshire.

Royal Business McDonald's Oxfordshire Royal Business McDonald's Oxfordshire
RMV/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

In 2008, the Queen bought the Bath Road Retail Park in Slough, which has the popular fast-food chain sitting on the grounds of the park - making the Queen a proud McDonald's owner. According to the McDonald's corporate website, the Queen's restaurant is worth around $128,220,400. We wonder what her go-to order is?

The Queen's Buckingham Palace


The most expensive estate belonging to the British royal family is the one and only Buckingham Palace! Online estate agent Emoov values the famous palace to be worth about $6,850,347,000. Famously recognized for its East wing balcony, the public often sees a small portion of the estate during weddings or national events.

Buckingham Palace Tour PriceBuckingham Palace Tour Price
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

People from all over the world fly to London to see the Palace in person. And from the outside, it is definitely a sight to see. As the official royal family's website reported, the Palace is 830,000 square feet and has 775 rooms! There are 92 offices decked out in rare art pieces and artifacts, 188 staff bedrooms, and 78 bathrooms.

Charles II's Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings


Although it is quite unclear how King Charles II received some of the most valuable pieces of art of all time, it happened! King Charles II has 600 original Leonardo Da Vinci drawings - including all of the legendary Italian artist's anatomical sketches.

Royal Art Da VinciRoyal Art Da Vinci
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

Da Vinci was the first person to draw the human spine with the correct curves accurately and later translated his findings into a series of drawings. Charles II somehow became the proud owner of the artists, "The Muscles of the Neck and Shoulder" series. And according to The Royal Collection Trust, the drawings are invaluable.

King George VI's Imperial State Crown


The Imperial State Crown was originally designed for King George VI in 1937 and was made of some of the finest gems possible, of course. According to Women & Home, the showstopping headpiece is set with 2,868 diamonds, hundreds of pearls, 17 sapphires, and 11 emeralds.

Expensive Royal Crown QueenExpensive Royal Crown Queen
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

In an interview with BBC, the Queen revealed that she worries her "Neck would break and it would fall off" as a "disadvantage" of wearing the one-of-a-kind Imperial State Crown. The 2.3 pounds crown is so large that she can barely look down when reading a speech and instead lifts the speech to her eye level. Consider us amazed.