Health & Fitness Trends To Watch Out for in 2023


| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Fitness Health Trends 2023
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Every year, we try to find the latest hack to create a better health and fitness lifestyle. It usually revolves around what suits our daily lifestyle the most, let alone what seems to be the newest trend. Now, with advanced modern science and technology, these are the predicted exercises to dominate the well-being world.

The minute the clock strikes midnight on new year's eve, we strive to motivate ourselves for that fresh 'new year new me' start. After the pandemic, we learned how to become more active without a gym, whether through outdoor activities, online workouts, or even online coaching for those who couldn't visit their regular PT. But since we have grown to adapt to most circumstances as a society, these exercises seem to go with almost any daily routine. One controversial technique is face yoga. While there are effective anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing products on the market, a regular habit of this technique can take you by surprise. The process involves a series of massages, specifically around the face and neck area, but also focuses on the lymphatic systems. Hence, the exercise targets the highest points of tension surrounding the facial area. Repeating these practices should tone and lift the face to take us back ten years. Not to mention, there is a variation of apps flooding through the app store to guide those newcomers. 

Face Yoga 2023 Fitness
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While you can take time to surf your favorite workout videos on YouTube, they are sometimes not as effective as one would hope. Then, a good half hour to an hour is wasted. Nevertheless, as we have immersed ourselves more into web 3.0, almost anything and everything can now be virtual reality. While Peloton has managed to turn your living room into an upbeat workout class, VR fitness enables users to transport themselves to any destination or environment for their desired workout. Nothing says luxury fitness like an ab workout on a beach in Bali. There are no fitness limits, just motivation! As we move onto something previously banished from the fitness world, new natural fat burners are making their way to the top of the health pyramid. No, these are not diet supplements or artificial substitutions. Instead, a natural concoction that includes ingredients like caffeine, green coffee bean, guarana, and macuna pruriens contribute to practical results. Collectively, these proteins boost energy for workouts and simultaneously balance hormones while stimulating fat-burning and muscle growth. 

While every workout suits personal preference, it would be a great idea to consider the above as we get ready for 2023 - and the holiday season. These exercises are perfect for squeezing in quick sessions to improve wellness in the comfort of your own home. (Thank us later.)

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