A Look at Immersive Art Inside Luxury Hotels


| LAST UPDATE 05/29/2023

By Tracy Morrison
luxury malaga spain art
Slim Aarons / Stringer via Getty Images

Immersive art experiences have become this year's biggest luxury travel trend, catering to those who seek to engage not just their visual senses but other sensory perceptions as well. According to Future Market Insights, immersive art is expected to continue its popularity over the next decade.

While most hotels today feature basic paintings in the lobby or modern art pieces on display, the best art hotels offer guests unique, multi-sensory experiences that go far beyond these conventional decor elements. From music-themed experiences to interactive workshops and quirky art installations, these hotels provide unforgettable immersive experiences. One such hotel is the Grand Universe Lucca in Tuscany, which offers guests a bespoke musical experience. The hotel's focus on music is evident in its 55 rooms and suites, each of which blends timeless Italian elegance with contemporary comforts. Guests can enjoy the "Prelude of Existence" experience, where a composer writes a personalized theme song inspired by the guest's personality traits.

Museo Carmen Thyssen luxury
SOPA Images / Contributor via Getty Images
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The Marbella Club Hotel in Spain takes a different approach, offering hands-on workshops and interactive Flamenco dancing lessons to connect guests to the art and culture of the destination. The hotel encourages guests to create their own art through their workshops, while also offering opportunities to explore nearby museums like Museo Carmen Thyssen, Centre Pompidou, or the Museo Picasso set in a 16th-century Andalusian palace. The Hamilton Princess in Bermuda has an impressive hotel art collection featuring works by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and Banksy. Recently, the property also updated three guest suites to be completely art-focused, each featuring three to five pieces of high art and harbor or garden views.

Habitas AIUIa in Saudi Arabia is another art-centric hotel that offers Instagrammable art installations for guests to explore and play with. The installations include the "Falling Stones Garden" by Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim and "NAJMA" by Lita Albuquerque, which reflects the alignment of stars overhead. Guests can tap into their inner child and appreciate beauty in a new way through these interactive art installations. In conclusion, these art hotels provide guests with unique and memorable experiences that go beyond the traditional decor elements, making them an ideal choice for those seeking immersive art experiences that stimulate multiple senses.

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