Italian House D’OTTO Release Five New Perfumes


| LAST UPDATE 09/18/2022

By Rose Fairchild
D'OTTO Terenzi Luxury Perfume
@p.terenzi via Instagram

From a perfumer's point of view, any newly redefined and invented scent is considered a work of art. To any consumer, perfume might be their forte, something they are used to, or simply enjoy the smell. In contrast, the art of perfume is an aesthetic for the nose, and the new Italian perfume house, D'OTTO, has released five new scents.

D'OTTO is a luxury Italian perfumery that launched its brand new scents in 2022. The nose behind the new fragrances is Paolo Terenzi, who marks himself as a "perfume creator, musician, and sailor," as noted on his Instagram profile. The interior and exterior design of the perfumes are "inspired by iconic masterpieces of abstract art," while Terenzi has "translated painting into perfume with five new evocative scents." A lot of work went into these perfumes, and even launched in Selfridges this year. Each fragrance is titled with a number that is meant to represent a specific concept, powered by a "numeric persuasion." The first perfume, '3 + 5,' was inspired by Paul Klee's painting Red Balloon from 1922 and "has the aroma of sunshine, warmth, and summer." The sweet scent offers a "feel good factor" as the smell provides a nostalgic scent of "mellow sweetness," which reminds us of childhood.

D'OTTO Paolo Terenzi Perfume
@p.terenzi via Instagram
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The second perfume is '1+7,' inspired by One: Number 31 by Jackson Pollock. Opening the bottle ignites consumers into a world of "fresh, dynamic citric and herbal notes." This was created specifically "as a response" to Pollack's work, as both scents denoted a wintery and forest essence. The third scent is '2 + 6,' inspired by Kazimir Severinovič Malevič's Black Square. This scent also aligns with the woodland scent, similar to '1+7.' The bottle opens deep and smoky cardamom and woody black pepper scent, which is overpowered by Amalfi lemon. The leathery scent denotes an "appropriately black" smell similar to licorice and chocolate. The '6 + 2' scent was Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's Yellow, Red Blue). This perfume was created with "a sense of nature in mind." The chaotic combination of yellow, red, and blue offers "sweet, smoky notes" to flourish the skin, perfect for autumn. Lastly, '5 + 3', inspired by Piet Mondrian's Composition II in Red, Yellow, and Blue, is a "musky" scent that provides a more sophisticated scent for consumers. This perfume perfectly follows on from '6+2' as we transition our scents from autumn to winter. The fragrance perfectly sits on a cashmere scarf, even in the frosty winds.

While D'OTTO has not only created extremely innovative and seductive scents, all of its packaging's are sustainable and recyclable. Following its launch in Selfridges, they have offered D'OTTO reduced Kraft packaging and 10% of their sales going to charity. This is a perfume brand that has redefined charitable luxury.

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