When Luxury Meets Anti-Aging Skincare: FOREO BEAR


| LAST UPDATE 11/21/2022

By Rose Fairchild
@zzangse_ via Instagram

There comes a point in life when you want to find the best and most natural remedy for anti-aging - the beloved products that tighten the skin to perfection and bring us back 10 years. Now, a new and innovative product is on the market promising exactly that. Here's a closer look.

Experience the ultimate face-lift in the comfort of your own home. Swedish health and beauty company, FOREO, has created a modern device to enhance the natural complexion for anti-aging purposes. Anti-aging has never gone undiscussed, and its value is a great incentive to keep on the market. It is something that will never go out of style. We all want to feel and look younger at a certain point, without the needles and operation tables. While companies have already touched upon skin-tightening overnight creams, morning routines, and collagen gel pads, FOREO is setting a new standard. No need to fear when wrinkles appear, the FOREO BEAR device is here. This is a piece of machinery that had been used and recommended by "industry professionals," according to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The 'BEAR' targets facial areas to enhance radiance and reduce fine lines.

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The "microcurrent device" has been clinically proven to "significantly improve" complexion with just one week of use. The advanced item trains the muscles in the face, sculpting a new complexion. The Anti-Shock System and T-Sonic "pulsations" is the safest massage that produces these results. The device is fit for everyone and their lifestyles, as just two minutes of use a day helps to tone over 65 muscles in the face and neck to "minimize sagging and improve facial contour as you age." Plus, the transformations are highly visible. Results of a survey show 90% of those participants noticed distinct results in a week, 98% confirmed their skin "looked brighter and healthier, smoother and plumper," 95% reported a younger complexion, while 93% reported improvement in the reduction of puffiness and lines around the eyes. Impressed yet? According to GP Dr. Anita Sturnham, "Three minutes a day versus 30 minutes for most other at-home devices makes a big difference in terms of someone using the device consistently. I personally find three minutes a day easy to manage, but 30 minutes a day just wouldn't work for me."

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If you're a luxury shopper, this is bound to be your most prized possession. To add to the statistics, famous faces such as Myleene Class, Venus Williams, and Rita Ora have praised the device and acknowledged its praises. Currently, the FOREO BEAR is 50% off until December 2nd due to the annual Black Friday sales. What are you waiting for?

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