How To Make Your Home Feel Expensive (Even if It’s Not)


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2022

By Gitty McGee
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Our home is our most prized possession. As the place we spend most of our time, we do whatever we can, within our budget, to make it feel warm and homey. Of course, there's the added pressure of hosting guests, where we want them to feel comfortable yet impressed simultaneously. Want to make your home look and feel expensive? Interior designers have been sharing tips and tricks for achieving this, even if it's all one big illusion...

TikTok star and lifestyle influencer @PrestonKonrad, recently made waves on the video-sharing platform when he revealed his tricks for making a home appear more luxurious and expensive, giving off that professionally designed vibe. For him, it's all about working with what you've got, adding a few specific accessories to compliment the room perfectly. From layered rugs to lampshades, it's the little things that make all the difference.

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First up, Konrad emphasized the importance of layering your rugs. "When I worked for Ralph Lauren, this was kind of a pre-requisite; we had to do this in all of the stores we designed. It adds texture and dimension and makes your house just look a bit more curated," he told his 360K TikTok followers. He suggested not trying to make them symmetrical but rather to make them unevenly placed on each other. For light fixes, the influencer and designer begged his followers to switch out their ordinary bulbs. Any flash mount or semi-flush mount will be a remarkable improvement over those light fixtures that look like every other home.

Coming in at number three is a great set of Roman Shades. "They're super affordable but perfect for a room with a shorter ceiling or a window that isn't super dramatic," he explained. One of Konrad's most valuable tips is to mix up textures in your living spaces. "It's a designer favorite," he noted. "So vintage, leather, wood, concrete, you want that look that's like, oh, nothing to see here!" Last but not least, Preston emphasized the importance of mixing up different frames. He says they shouldn't match if you want that curated, expensive, designer look. "Try mixing in vintage, wood, black gallery frame, even objects!" he suggested.

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