Screen Supremacy: The Most Expensive TVs in the World


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2022

By Rose Fairchild
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The first practical television was introduced for purchase in 1939. Since then, the wide-screen wonder has revolutionized, turning into one of the most immersive objects to have in a home. From the first Philo Farnsworth to today's Samsung and Panasonics, technology is forever becoming more advanced. To this day, the power of technology has created some of the most expensive televisions in the world. Here's a closer look...

Companies have created some of the most functional and adaptable features to make our viewing experience more immersive. In 10th place is Beovision 4-103 ($140,000). With a 103-inch screen, Danish Beovision produced an advanced piece of furniture that allows you to move with it, lift and tilt the screen to one's preference with an accelerated sound system timed perfectly to take viewers on a journey. Samsung has successfully managed to place three inventions on the top ten list: Samsung UN110S9VFXZA ($150,000), Samsung UA11059 ($152,000), and Samsung UN105S9B ($260,000). The three incredible machines display "impressive" high-resolution features (3840px by 2160pm) and "ambient light," as well as "exceptional color" and state-of-the-art panoramic effects.

best tv samsung technology
Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images
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Aside from Samsung's stunning bendable feature for a more curved televised experience, Sharp Professional LCD has introduced their Sharp LB-1085 ($160,000). Featuring a "color palette" of 758 million colors and 24-hour HD content with a "176-degree viewing angle," the device is quite impressive. From panoramic to Panasonic, the TH-152UX1 ($500,000) offers a cinematic experience with a "4k 3D Plasma Display" on a shocking 152-inch screen. So it's better to place this one in a room with enough space for surround sound. The cost cruncher C Seed ($680,000) is the transformer of television with a 201-inch unit designed for the outdoors and an attached "780,000 LEDs, 12 broadband speakers, and 3-sub woofers." Next, the Titan Zeus ($1.6M) lives up to its name. Launched just before the FIFA World Cup 2014, it's perfect for crowds to gather around the 370-inch, water-resistant television. Once the show is over, turn the TV into the "dynamic CGI aquarium." Lastly, television supremacy goes to Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition ($1.5 Million) & Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition ($2.26 Million). Setting these two designs apart are the "diamonds, gemstone, and alligator skin" and 28kg of gold and 18k rose gold. The Rose Gold comes with a limited edition Wii console with 2,500g of gold and diamond buttons to keep the television at child's play.

While these televisions belong in family homes, the works of art must be kept at arm's length to stay protected for as long as possible. Of course, these mastermind manufacturers are to be appreciated, so they are not just for show. These televisions have overpowered any industrialized expectation, showing technology's evolutionary steps since the 1930s, and more is on the way. Stay tuned.

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