Pink Snow, Private Tracks & More: How the 1% Ski


| LAST UPDATE 01/06/2023

By Colleen Walker
Cara Delevingne Snowmobiling Selfie
@caradelevingne via Instagram

A ski vacation is part of the winter experience. However, if you are lucky enough to be part of the 1%, your ski vacation may look slightly different than most. Here’s a look at how the elite spends their ski-cations.

The start of the trip sets the tone, and the beginning of these trips sets the standard high. Many families will hire private aviation companies to help facilitate their trips. Not only will these companies get families from point A to point B, but they will also help get them to lunch. Why bother with traffic that could take up to an hour when you’ll be able to get to your chicken Caesar salad in ten minutes? First-class service is a requirement for the elite when skiing, which includes a personal ski butler, of course. A ski butler helps to provide anything their clients may need for the mountains, from boots to clothes to equipment. They go to wherever their clients are staying and completely outfit them. They are even available on demand if a client wants to change gear in the middle of the day. Now that’s service.

Karlie Kloss Winter Skiing
@karliekloss via Instagram
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Ski resorts also have an exclusive experience that will make any snowbird’s mouth water. They offer customers to pay for first tracks or early access to the ski resorts, meaning they can plow through the fresh powder before anyone else on the mountain. Additionally, many ski resorts will close lifts to allow groups to ski runs privately or open up parts of the resort after-hours for exclusivity. If that isn’t good enough, there’s always heli-skiing. Helicopters will take guests to the backcountry to ski down untouched snow. Everyone has to learn from somewhere, many guests take lessons to begin learning to ski or to improve upon existing skills, but the elite does it differently. They will hire an instructor for weeks at a time, or a recent trend gaining traction is hiring Olympians for the day. How will you keep these memories alive for years to come? That’s a no-brainer for these families. They have begun to hire videographers and photographers to accompany them on their trips. Grab your Moncler and get ready to hit the slopes!

No cost is too high when it comes to creating the perfect vacation for the elite. What experience would you want to add to your ski getaway? 

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