Immersive Tiny Art Exhibit Headed to New York


| LAST UPDATE 02/13/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Miniature Art Exhibit NYC
Cate Gillon / Staff via Getty Images

Get ready to explore a world of artistic wonder with NYC's newest art exhibition set to debut! It will reportedly feature 180 miniature works, and 32 featured artists that will captivate and inspire. These pieces are as small as your finger, but their beauty is a sight to behold. Here's a closer look.

The highly-anticipated 'Small is Beautiful, Miniature Exhibition' - which has captivated crowds in Paris and London - is finally making its way to the United States! This unique art show celebrates miniature works of art ranging from replicas of masterpieces found in renowned museums around the world to contemporary expressions by some of today's most cutting-edge artists. Americans will get the chance to experience this once-in-a lifetime opportunity starting February 21 at 718 Broadway in Manhattan. As for what to expect?

Miniature Art Exhibition NYC
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images
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An astonishing blend of artistry, imagination, and patience will transport viewers to the boundary between reality and dream. Showcased are a plethora of mediums including paint, paper, wood, and clay - along with mesmerizing masterpieces such as an origami statue made entirely out of folds of paper or the iconic The Rocky Horror Picture Show album cover. 'Small is beautiful, Miniature Art' will be the first international exhibition gathering 32 renowned miniature artists and showcasing their creations. With 130 pieces of miniature art plus 80 photographs up for display, this show offers an exclusive opportunity to explore these tiny realms crafted by some of the greatest minds in modern art today. Representing 7 countries - UK, France, Belgium, Sweden Bosnia, Germany & UK, it shows the "magical and sometimes unusual worlds of some of the greatest artists in the movement, according to their website." It's no wonder why followers have flocked online just to get a glimpse into each artist's unique vision! 

The highly-anticipated exhibit provides visitors exclusive access to tiny universes full of imaginative flair and poignancy. Workshops are available too, catered specifically for children ages 5-8 and 9-12 in partnership with Private Picassos - an international network that shares unique art experiences across all age groups! But there's more fun where that came from - check out this cant-miss New York guide.

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