All About Spotify’s AI-Powered DJ Feature


| LAST UPDATE 03/13/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Spotify AI DJ feature
cottonbro studio via Pexels

Spotify just launched a new AI-powered feature called “DJ,” which allows users to receive personalized music alongside AI-generated commentary about the tracks and artists. This innovative experience aims to make it easier for users to listen to their favorite music without having to direct Spotify what to stream or look for playlists.

The DJ feature is still in its beta form and is only available in English for Premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada at this time. It takes advantage of different technologies such as OpenAI's Generative AI, data curators, script writers, and of course, Spotify's existing personalization technology. When a user listens to the DJ's content, they will hear both new tracks and favorite songs alike, accompanied by commentary about the song and artist. For example, one piece of commentary could be, "This week, Chicago rapper Polo G teams up with Atlanta's Future for his first release of the year..." The more users engage with the feature, the better it will become at suggesting accurately tailored music experiences that best fit their preferences. It's expected to not only enhance user experience on Spotify, but also to provide them with an entertaining AI-driven companion while listening to their tunes.

Spotify AI music features
cottonbro studio via Pexels
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Powered by Xavier "X" Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships, who hosted Spotify's morning show podcast, The Get Up, the DJ feature is based on his voice and may expand its range of voices in the future. Accessible through the Music Feed on the Home page of Spotify's iOS or Android app by tapping Play on the DJ card; once initiated, it will begin to play a lineup of music and short commentary that is tailored to fit the user's individual preferences. Even when playing older songs from a previous year, it still manages to sound authentic as it inserts personalized content during its introduction, such as references to bands you are familiar with streaming.

But the AI-powered features don't end there: once initiated, it can switch genres and playlists for a unique listening experience where users can access player controls like lyrics and heart button! Spotify hopes this advancement with AI will set itself apart from other audio formats so people continue using their service more regularly. The rollout begins today and should be available soon if not already in supported markets.

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