The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: 2022 Winners


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2022

By Rose Fairchild
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Yet again, we have been graced with the taste of the world's 50 best restaurant list. After 20 years of taste testing, critics have returned with new and improved restaurants that are bound to impress their returning diners. When it comes to fine dining, each restaurant and meal should have its own unique experience. Each restaurant review has its own story, touching upon what makes the restaurant unique and works its way through to the performance of the menu as a work of art. So, without further ado...

Coming in at No. 50 is SingleThread, located in Healdsburg, California. SingleThread is not your average Japanese cuisine. Chef Kyle Connaughton and his wife - and floral designer - Katina went above and beyond to create a gastronomic masterpiece. After working under the talent of French Chef Michael Bras and "pioneer of multi-sensory cooking" Heston Blumenthal, Katina immersed herself into the culture by studying culinary and farming techniques in Japan. The menu entails over ten courses of kaiseki-style dining, from duck with strawberries and beetroot to the sweet combination of rhubarb and chamomile for dessert. Become lost in the taste of their Japanese garden sensation.

Single Thread Best Restaurant
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From London's Ikoyi to Bangkok's Sorn and Singapore's Odette, the restaurant Frantzén, located in Stockholm, takes the middle mark at no. 25. A modern take on Nordic cuisine twisted with traditional Asian tastes. Chef Björn Frantzén re-opened the restaurant in 2017 inside a 3-story premise and takes his diners on a property tour before being seated. With one menu for lunch and dinner, Frantzén is confident in his exotic menu featuring king crab plated with caviar and lamb and frozen lime marshmallow accompanied by sake, "young coconut," and matcha. As for chef's kiss, Copenhagen's Geranium takes 1st place as currently the best restaurant in the world. Diners are welcomed and seated on the 8th floor overlooking Fælledparken gardens. After five years of not eating meat, Chef Kofoed decided to trademark Geranium as a "meat-free" zone, serving only "local seafood and vegetables from organic and biodynamic farms." With a tasting menu that changes seasonally, his diners experience three hours of an evenly split 20-course meal. With panoramic views and food served by nature, this is the first Danish restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars.

After two decades, it has been reported that "no restaurant outside Europe or North America has ever won the World's 50 Best prize." Though this is the case, restaurant Central in Lima, Peru, has been awarded best restaurant in South America. At the same time, Pujol in Mexico City is accredited as the best restaurant in North America. However, after traveling near and far, critics have established that genuine gourmet services derive in Denmark, Italy, France, U.S., and U.K. To see the entire list, click here. 

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