Take a Look at the Best Houseplants for Beginners

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| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2023

By Kimberly Knapp
indoor plants for beginners
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We're taking a look at the best indoor plants for any first-time plant parents out there. And they might not be what you expect...

houseplants for beginners
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Is your initial thought when thinking about "easy" plants cacti? Or maybe succulents? You're not alone. But according to Talia Halliday, founder and owner of Indiana plant shop Oak, those plants being easy to maintain is a total myth. "I may not be the first and certainly won't be the last, but I will be the loudest when I say, 'Stop it!' They're not easy; they're not low-maintenance, they're not great first-time-owner houseplants," Talia said.

easy indoor plants
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So which green beauties are easy to take care of? First off is the ZZ plant, which enjoys dry soil and indirect sunlight. "If your place doesn't get great light, then I suggest a ZZ plant," said plant consultant and stylist Paul Thompson. "They add a bit more texture and come in regular green or black." And color variation isn't the only surprise the ZZ plant has to offer. "While they generally grow upward, they can sprawl out a little bit," Thompson explained.

easy houseplants, beginners
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Next up is the beautiful pothos plant. These vines grow fast, look gorgeous in macrame hangers, and require little watering. "I call them 'the good communicators' because although they'll need more water at once a week, they will let you know because their leaves will get super droopy," Talia Halliday commented. "It's very noticeable, even for beginners."

best houseplants for beginners
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And Talia isn't the only one who thinks pothos is an ideal plant for beginners. "I own pothos plants, and they're very happy with the minimum amount of attention," said influencer Courtney Warwick. "Prior to becoming a plant parent, I assumed plants need care daily, but honestly, they don't." But one thing she does make sure to do? Chat them up. "I personally rap to my plants, and all of my plants love it," Courtney said.

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best indoor plants
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And last on our list of top plants for beginners is the Sansevieria trifasciata, AKA the "snake plant." "Snake plants are by far the lowest maintenance plant," Talia said. "The good thing about these is they can come very small or very big. They grow upwards, so if you're looking for something to add height to an area, snake plants are a great option."

Now go get your green thumb on!