Bjarke Ingels Add Twisting Towers to NYC High Line

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| LAST UPDATE 07/03/2023

By Tracy Morrison
NYC high line architecture
Alexander Spatari via Getty Images

Bjarke Ingels' latest addition to the High Line in New York City is set to make waves in the world of luxury real estate. The One High Line project has finally been completed and we can't help but be impressed. The two twisting towers, designed by the prodigious Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), draw inspiration from the world's most iconic architects like Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, and Frank Gehry.

The project is a joint venture between Bjarke Ingels, Witkoff Group's Alex Witkoff, and designer Dan Fink. It features a luxurious Faena hotel and 236 residences, which are housed in the two towers. The east tower offers beautiful views of the Hudson River and downtown, while the west tower boasts stunning vistas of Midtown and the High Line. The two buildings are connected via a double-height bridge lounge with a 75-foot swimming pool, spa, fitness area, golf simulator, game room, and playroom. These amenities are designed to make life comfortable and convenient for residents.

NYC High Line towers
Michael Lee via Getty Images
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Inside the residences, the design combines classic and modern touches, giving off a vibe of timeless elegance. The layouts range from one to five bedrooms, with each room boasting an incredible view of the city. The winding glass and travertine stone structure serves more than just aesthetic purposes; it optimizes views from every room. Bjarke Ingels himself explained, "The building we're in is facing west. We're still only eight floors from the top, but as we go higher, the building gets wider so we get the sunset."

The One High Line development is nothing short of breathtaking. From the sleek lines and twists of the towers to the breathtaking views of the city that each residence offers, this project is an architectural masterpiece. With neighbors like Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, and Frank Gehry, this project adds to the iconic skyline of New York City and raises the bar for luxury living. It's a true feat of modern architecture. The beauty of the design combined with the luxurious amenities available to residents, make this project truly one of a kind. We can't wait to see what other architectural wonders BIG has in store for us!

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