Britain’s Most Expensive Home Hits the Market

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| LAST UPDATE 10/14/2022

By Sydney Holder
most expensive home uk
LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images

If you happen to be in the market for a 9-figure mansion, look no further because Britain's most expensive home is officially up for sale again. The 45-room private residence is no ordinary home, as you can imagine, and is sitting in prime real estate in central London - so what on earth is the price tag for a property like this? Let's take a closer look and find out.

The private palace was originally built as 4 separate homes in the 1830s, but over a century later was converted into a single-family home, measuring 62,000 square feet for the former Prime Minister of Lebanon. The Knightsbridge property may be a private residence, but at first glance, it looks like an apartment complex or even an office building. But no, it is actually a family home. The massive estate, known for its iconic address at 2-8a Rutland Gate, made headlines in 2020 when it was sold for $232 million to a Chinese billionaire and is now for sale again a few years later - for just over $221 million. And according to The Guardian, at least 5 potential buyers have already toured the grand property, including "Middle Eastern royal families and super-rich American investors."

Britain Most Expensive Home
 Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
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So what exactly makes a home worth over $200 million? Well, besides measuring 62,000 square feet, the mansion comes packed with 45 rooms across 7 stories, an underground parking garage, plenty of elevators, an indoor pool, and many other flashy elements. Of course, the palace is also exquisitely decorated, including golden leaf accents and ornate moldings, all created by the French designer Alberto Pinto.

Before the property was sold to Cheung Chung-Kiu, the mansion belonged to Saudi Arabian prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz who past away in 2011. However, planning permission was granted to redevelop the property by the city council in order to renovate the home's layout, repair the exterior, remodel two of the floors, create a two-level basement to fit more luxury cars, and more. The plan for the renovation shows the building will include a triple-height ballroom, and once completed, could be worth over $550 million. Stay tuned.

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