Experts Have Revealed the 5 Most Luxurious US Locations

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| LAST UPDATE 09/28/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Beverly Hills Real Estate
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Many locations within the United States are renowned for their lavish locations and lifestyles. When considering only the most luxurious homes and landscapes, it's hard to pick just 1 area out of 50 states. Now, luxury real estate experts have established the best locations if ever in search of a vacation home.

For any luxury property investor, it's a juggle between quantity over quality. With a new generation of exaggerated expenses, investors are prioritizing the future value of a home, not just the price tag; amenities surrounding the home, the lifestyle a home can offer (within preference to the buyer), and the quality of the location. With multiple high-end properties, only a few areas tick all the boxes. The first no-brainer is the home to most celebrities and those who prefer to live in gated communities: none other than Beverly Hills. When considering amenities, Rodeo Drive should keep us occupied for a few hours. While the current average house price stands at around $5.6 million, this is just a starting price.

Beverly Hills Luxury Homes
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For the city-lovers, it's always nice to drive somewhere nearby with a beach at the foot of your door. During summer, the Big Apple's most affluent residents will head towards the Hamptons. When it's time to get away from the hustle and bustle of Times Square, the Hamptons is the perfect getaway with museums, lighthouses, golden sandy beaches, and charming harbor towns. The most popular area in East Hampton averages home prices at around $1.8 million. But travel for just 2 hours along the coast and find yourself in Palm Beach, Florida! Known for its glitzy estates and beaches, galleries, boutiques, and museums, it is the "Sunshine State," where homes start at about $2.8 million. Yet, this can quickly escalate depending on preference and perimeter. Staying in the Floridian area, Miami offers the best of both worlds. As a major business hub, it is no secret Miami provides luxury homes with only the best bars, restaurants, and beaches surrounding the islands. The multi-cultural lavish hotspot is perfect for a luxury home with the option of choosing a city or beach view. Just a 45-minute journey north will land you in Boca Raton. With a higher average of $5.5 million for a home, an oceanfront mansion can sell for at least $40 million! With plenty of scenery, recommended restaurants, and well-educated schools, it is quickly becoming the destination for multi-millionaires seeking a slice of the good life.

So, if you'd like to become neighbors with Jennifer Aniston, start living across the street from Taylor Swift, or party in the summers with Beyoncé, these locations live up to their luxury standards. Aside from celebrity consumption, these locations offer quality lifestyles that are sure never to become bored of…

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