How to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

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| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2023

By Kimberly Knapp
Pet friendly home tips
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Looking to keep your home gorgeous and glam while making it the coziest it can be for your furry friends? We've put together some easy life hacks to make your sacred space more pet-friendly. From easy-to-clean materials to avoiding toxic products, here's everything you need to know.

pet friendly house hacks
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For making a home pet-friendly, look no further than Kari Whitman of Kari Whitman Interiors and Ace of Hearts dog rescue. With a passion for both decor and animals, the talented gal has plenty of tips for making your house better for all the family members, two-legged or four-legged. Her first tip? Try to go with faux leather and Ultrasuede fabrics, which are easier to clean.

dog friendly home tips
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"Not only are you making your carbon footprint print smaller by using vegan products, but also the materials are easy cleaning and scratch-resistant," explained Kari. If that's not an option for you, then opt for purchasing a machine-washable faux fur throw. "You can move it to your bed in the evenings if you choose or put it on one side of your couch," Whitman said. "Hair will not stick to it, you can shake it out if needed, and it looks stylish."

animal friendly home decor
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Another decor aspect that would benefit from being easy-to-clean when you have a furry pal shaking off their dirt when they run through the door? Your walls, of course. For this, Kari recommends choosing sturdier wallpapers and paint finishes. "Most wallpapers will come in a commercial-grade option, which is easy to wipe down," Whitman detailed. "I love to use high-gloss paint for my clients - it's so easy to clean!"

cat friendly home tips
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Next up, it's best to avoid carpeting. This kind of flooring is more difficult to clean with pets around and can quickly get smelly. It's better to go for wood or tiling. "If you have a large dog and worry about scratching your wood floors, I strongly suggest a wood finish called Glitsa," Kari shared. "I have a 200-pound dog. I stained my wood floors black and have not had one scratch in five years."

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cat friendly home decor
Instagram via @kari_whitman_interiors

And while keeping the house clean with easy-to-wipe-down surfaces is super handy to keep in mind, Whitman also emphasized being cautious of what you're using to clean. "No Pine-Sol, no Swiffers, please," she begged. Rather go with more natural products like Mrs. Meyers or Indigo Wild.