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| LAST UPDATE 09/12/2022

By Rose Fairchild
mexico luxury real estate
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While the summer door is slowly closing on us, this doesn't mean the luxury properties on the market stop selling sunsets. For exotic locations, it's always summer - with a hint of the occasional amazon storm. Still, these markets have a lot going for them, especially in Mexico, which has just landed a record-breaking deal.

Not every day can you experience the luxury of waking up with an ocean view and the ocean at the foot of your doorstep. However, as far as the One&Only Mandarina goes, the luxury villa in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, does just the trick. If you're traveling north of Puerto Vallarta, that's where you can find the house in the hidden forest trees. Of course, this home is not a typical quick vacation stay and comes with a price. The resort offers villas with a "dynamic combination of modern design and natural materials." That being said, Villa 38 has sold for a record-breaking $17.5 million. While the resort is a global hotspot on its own, the villa that looks over a 200-mile stretch of coastline overpowers any other suite or vacation home on the market. So why has this home taken over the luxury real estate market? With the growth in high-ticket residential sales and multiple resort openings, it is a prime destination for big spenders.

One Only Mandarina Villa
@michellesalasb via Instagram
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Not only has Puerto Vallarta and regions within Riviera Nayarit become the ultimate luxury destination, but spokespeople have also seen an expeditious rise in sales. According to the resort, between 2019 and 2021, eight-figure sales doubled compared to five years prior. Among seven other deals of $10 million-plus, Villa 38 does not compare. Though still under renovation, the villa plans to acquire 12,000 sq. feet of land and 5,000 sq. feet of exterior space, one of the largest spaces in the resort. There are also eight bedrooms and bathrooms, tropical gardens, rooftop lounges, and a private pool to finalize the project. Considering the Riviera Nayarit aesthetic, architects and designers are furnishing the villa with "natural and local materials for a uniquely western Mexican home." Situated in between the surrounding jungle and beach waves strolling in on the shore, it is an indescribable piece of landscape that has topped the market. Uniquely, while the resort only opened in 2020, it has stayed pretty exclusive, holding places for only 55 private residences. The residences of these villas are not jungle bound, as Michelin star chefs, a "rainforest immersed spa," and a polo and equestrian club are also offered.

Being hungry for luxury is no walk in the park. Thankfully, the global trendsetters are here to establish the most lavish estates on the market to provide life-changing experiences. While the resort has a history of first-class hospitality, it is no surprise that Villa 38 has crashed the market. 

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