‘Selling Sunset’ Agent Shares Her Insights on LA Market

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| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2023

By Colleen Walker
California Luxury Real Estate
@brie_tiesi via Instagram

Luxury real estate has always been a shark-eat-shark world. From the buyers to the agents selling, everyone must be at the top of their game to get what they want, and who knows that better than a real estate agent on Selling Sunset?

Brie Tiesi joined the famed Netflix reality series that centers around the Oppenheim Group. The real estate agency is run by twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim, and Selling Sunset offers only a glimpse into the high-end properties of Los Angeles and the clients seeking them out. Before becoming a real estate agent, Tiesi was modeling for a living. She told People, “I wanted to transition out of modeling and start setting myself up for a long-term career. I started taking it more seriously and tapping into my network, and that’s when I started making some high-figure sales.” Prior to joining the Oppenheim Group, Tiesi worked at Keller Williams Beverly Hills. Now, she is offering her insights and advice into the exclusive luxury real estate market in Los Angeles.

Bre Tiesi Selling Sunset
@bre_tiesi via Instagram
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Buying property in California is no easy feat. According to a report by CNBC, eight of the top ten U.S. counties where prospective buyers need to earn the most are in California. This makes the market highly competitive for those hoping to buy and those wishing to make a sale. So, how does she do it? Tiesi told Entrepreneur, “There’s a lot of money out here when it comes to real estate and luxury so it’s just who you know, honestly.” While clients vary in their backgrounds and lifestyles, they tend to have one thing in common. They want a house that does and has it all. “Everyone wants the works,” Tiesi said, “They want the pools, the gyms, the movie theaters, all that type of stuff. So it’s all basically the same for anyone with money: They want to have as much as they can, where they don’t have to leave their house.” Many homes in the market come equipped with everything buyers would want, so making a decision comes down to one thing: location.

Tiesi put it simply, “It just depends on where that person wants to be,” and there’s no better place to pick from than Los Angeles.

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