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| LAST UPDATE 08/26/2022

By Sara Maxwell
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Selling Sunset was such a hit series that the Netflix original show is getting a spinoff called Selling the OC. And with it comes more luxurious and expensive homes that are located on the beautiful beachfront of Orange County, California. A whole new cast of determined real estate agents will be brought on to The Oppenheim Group's second office in Newport Beach. Although the series was just dropped, there have already been many jaw-dropping stunning properties that are worth millions of dollars. Let's take a look at some of the most expensive listings from The Oppenheim Group's new office. (Spoilers ahead!)

The home that was worth the most amount of money was actually not included on the group listings, but it was mentioned on the show because listing agents asked Alex Hall for someone to buy the property. The Laguna Riviera, Laguna Beach home was being sold for $106,000,000. With that amount of dough, and with the seller paying 3% to the cooperating broker, the agent would receive a whopping $3,180,000 commission. At 18,000 square feet, this is definitely one lavish home. With 8 rooms, 15 bathrooms, private beach access, a spacious fitness room, and access to the only private tennis court in Laguna Beach, we can see why it is high up on the list of most expensive OC homes. It was never mentioned in the series if Hall was ever able to get a buyer for this mini resort. 

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The next home on the multi-million dollar home listing is located on Ocean Blvd, Corona Del Mar. The price is set at $28,000,000, which, if sold, would give the agent, Gio Helou, a shocking commission of $840,000. We can see why so many people are trying to become a member of The Oppenheim Group! For a lesser yet still impressive commission of $630,000, agent Tyler Stanaland would need to sell his 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 11,000 square foot listing on Monarch Bay Dr, Dana Point. The luxury mansion is priced at $21,000,000 dollars! 

On the lower end of the multi-million spectrum, we have another 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and 11,011 square feet property - with a cool asking price of $19,995,000. But luckily for the agents Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose, they were able to actually sell it for more money of $20,500,000. Lastly, we have the "cheapest" property listing, that's worth $7,495,000 for 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a span of 2,134 square feet. Check out Selling the OC on Netflix to see more incredible properties. 

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