Staying Grounded in the Fickle Real Estate Market

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| LAST UPDATE 09/04/2022

By Rose Fairchild
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The luxury real estate market is unpredictable. When considering outstanding factors such as recessions, inflation, or even global pandemics, real estate can be tricky to keep up with. No matter how long someone has been in the industry, getting caught up in the world of big spenders and continuous negotiations is possible. Yet, publicist, Lana Johnson, is not letting any luxury living get the better of her life just yet.

Lana Johnson has mastered her role as the chief of marketing and public relations for luxury property developer Victor Consunji Development Corp (VCDC). Life can move quickly when the market is constantly on the go, and time is money. Yet, Johnson has made it clear she refused to let the luxury real estate market take over and is "living her life to the fullest." Though, this isn't where Johnson's career first took off. She has had her fair share of experiences to understand how to live her life accordingly. Johnson has marked her territory in the world of PR. From being the founder of her boutique PR firm to "working for glamorous brands like Bobbi Brown and Bertazzoni La Germania." She has made quite the name for herself, catching the attention of A-list socialites and young entrepreneurs, as well as taking part in New York Fashion Week as a publicist for a specific designer. Being an "in-demand publicist" can be hectic, but Johnson ensures she takes time for herself.

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Johnson is a part of one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines. Yet, she sets herself apart from her lavish lifestyle and stays positive to stay grounded. She believes surrounding herself with people that "motivate and support her" is essential. When it comes to her personal life, Johnson claims her mom taught her the purpose of "working hard to make something of yourself" while her clients and girlfriends "inspire her every day." The successful people around her push her to work hard and appreciate those who will always be there. Though Johnson considerably acknowledges that she works in a "male-dominated industry," she has come to terms with the fact that gender should never be an issue. With the "right intentions, discipline, and support," she has been able to achieve the success that she has.

Johnson believes she chose success, which is why she has achieved it on many levels. She continues to thank her company, VCDC, for the "nurturing culture" and the founder for providing her with the space and opportunities to thrive. It is common to find oneself lost in the luxury real estate lifestyle, but Johnson has taken a more appreciative approach by remaining humble within her success. Stay tuned for more from the world of real estate.

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