How Casinos Are a Muse for Luxury Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Casino Luxury Fashion Inspiration
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Ever found yourself wandering into a world of black-jack turn tables, sleek-cut suits, and olive martinis? That's something we like to call the glamorous underworld of gambling. Yet, despite the reputation of the dangerous game, some of the most lavish casinos can be found around the world, with some of the best-dressed visitors. Let's talk about casino couture.

When visiting places like Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and Macau, there is a certain requirement regarding dress code. Regardless of the endless bills and bargains, it's all about looking the part and putting on your best charm. The entire environment condones a sense of "dress to impress." This doesn't mean your finest jewelry will help you win the jackpot, but it most definitely sets the scene for an opportunity as such. We might as well feel like a million dollars while we're doing it. So, how exactly have casinos influenced fashion? For years, high-end couture has adorned the room filled with table tops and multi-colored chips. Despite winnings, everyone in the room shares the same type of aesthetic, and it's all about no bluffing and blending in. From employees to customers, everyone is most likely expected to dress in a sophisticated manner, as this is not your average playroom.

Casino Luxury Fashion Inspiration
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Over time, dress codes have varied but have remained aligned with the latest fashion statements. From slimmer suits to longer skirts to transforming to the little black dress. Still, the influence has had a reverse effect. Seven years ago, Chanel's fashion house held a casino-inspired show that featured "casino imagery and clothes that were based on the latest dress code trends within modern-day casinos." The concept of the show aimed to show a clear display of how luxury casinos and fashion have "melded as one." Two years later, Moschino fashion house followed up on the trend, releasing their own "casino-influenced collection." Typically, casino dress codes are set in stone to establish the luxury statement of the area. That being said, the timeless and vintage glamor is the ultimate exception, especially when it has had an impact on Hollywood. Taking into consideration the theme of James Bond, the classic 007 flicks are the epitome of casino royale. More so, Sarah Jessica Parker drew inspiration from Las Vegas casino aesthetics and created a line of "ultra-glitzy" casino-themed shoes called The Strip Collection. Over the years, gamble-goers have created definitive looks for both men and females, though there is not one particular essential attire that makes one look the part.

Considering a higher range of varied fashion these days, anything goes. However, there definitely is a subconscious standard on how one dresses in a casino. While stiletto heels might not be your first choice, they're the most practical yet elegant option. Who knows what might spark the further evolution of casino couture, but we'll be here to watch the magic happen.

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