Coach Launching New Brand Focused on Sustainability


| LAST UPDATE 04/23/2023

By Colleen Walker
Coachtopia Dinky Bag Coach
@d.3b4 via Instagram

Coach is taking significant steps in sustainability with its newest brand, Coachtopia. The new line of apparel and accessories are made from recycled materials and are meant to have multiple lives. Here’s everything we know about this latest venture.

For the past two years, a team at Coach has been making steps toward making a more sustainable fashion industry. In April 2021, the fashion company introduced the program Coach (Re)Loved, where the brand took previously used, or loved, Coach items and either let customers trade them in or fix them up for a second life for customers. Joon Silverstein, SVP of global marketing at Coach, said, “We realized that in order to truly scale circularity, we needed to design for circularity from the outset.” In comes, Coachtopia. These new products are designed with circularity in mind. Each product is crafted with recycled, repurposed or renewable materials. For example, the leathers used in Coachtopia are “either ingeniously Upcrafted from Coach production waste or made with at least 50% recycled leather scraps from tanneries.” The bags, apparel, and accessories in Coachtopia are designed to be disassembled and remade into new versions of themselves. Per a press release, the brand is committing to taking back any Coachtopia products and finding ways to reuse and recycle them.

Coachtopia Store Purses Designer
@kristinamichelleang via Instagram
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The bags aren’t the only thing getting special sustainable treatment. Apparel will be made from 95%+ recycled cotton or repurposed denim. They are thinking of everything regarding creating a more renewable and green fashion industry. Silverstein said, “A big focus for Coachtopia is looking differently at waste and seeing waste as a valuable raw material.” They also utilized removable hardware and detachable handles and straps so purses can be easily renewed if things break or get damaged. The much-anticipated collection will be available online in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It will also be launching in-store at Selfridges in London and eventually will be available in Coach stores around the United States. The release in Asia is set for later in the year. The prices for Coachtopia range from $20 for a sticker set to $425 for select styles of the signature Dinky bag.

Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers said, “We were inspired by our shared desire to do better for the planet by inventing new circular ways of dreaming, designing and creating.” This is one major step for the fashion industry and Coach. We can’t wait to see what comes next in Coachtopia.

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