Emporio Armani Unveils Chic Soho Store


| LAST UPDATE 07/30/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Giorgio Armani SoHo NYC
winhorse via Getty Images

In the heart of New York's historic and ever-vibrant Cast Iron District, the Armani Group has announced a triumphant return to Soho with a new Emporio Armani store. This upscale retail space takes residence at 134 Spring Street, within an early twentieth-century building that exudes character and history. It replaces the former store on West Broadway, a fixture in the neighborhood since 2000.

The 420-square-metre flagship store is a testament to meticulous preservation efforts. From the exposed brick walls and metal ceiling to cast-iron columns with capitals and an authentic dark oak floor, the store retains many of the structure’s original features. The result is an ambiance steeped in history, yet refreshingly contemporary. Breaking away from conventional retail layouts, the Emporio Armani collections take center stage, displayed prominently in the heart of the space. A generous skylight at the rear of the store ushers in streams of natural light, casting a warm glow over the expansive accessories section. High-impact thematic sets, illuminated by carefully curated lighting, are periodically rearranged to reflect the evolving themes of the collections. The store boasts a comprehensive range of men's and women's clothing and accessories, enhanced by an exclusive selection of watches, eyewear, and jewelry.

Giorgio Armani luxury fashion
YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Staff via Getty Images
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The opening coincides with the launch of a special 90s-inspired collection sold exclusively at the Soho location. Men can expect dinner jackets, coats, and formal Prince of Wales suits reimagined in a contemporary style, while women will be captivated by sequin-covered cocktail dresses and soft suits with defined shoulders. Giorgio Armani himself expressed his enthusiasm about the store's location, saying, "To me, Soho represents the very essence of New York, the relentless energy of the city that never sleeps and is constantly reinventing itself... It is here, in the most authentic downtown, that style, ideas, and creativity are born and intertwined." He goes on to highlight the store's connection to its surroundings, saying, "my new Emporio Armani shop fits seamlessly into the context, paying homage to the urban landscape and reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability.”

The store's grand opening also marks the unveiling of Emporio Armani's autumn/winter 2023/24 advertising campaign. Shot by renowned photographer Gregory Harris, the black-and-white visuals feature models against the iconic Manhattan skyline, a tribute to the brand's legendary Emporio Armani Magazine. The new Emporio Armani store in Soho is not just a shopping destination, but a celebration of style, history, and the indomitable spirit of New York City.

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