How To Build A Transitional Wardrobe


| LAST UPDATE 09/19/2022

By Gitty McGee
Transitional Wardrobe Pieces Fashion
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As we venture deeper into September, one of our morning tasks becomes much more stressful. While most of us used to love selecting our outfit of the day, it's now become a tiresome guessing game when the weather can go to one extreme or the next. How does one dress for such unpredictable temperatures? According to top fashion stylists, the answer is a transitional wardrobe. Pieces that perfectly bridge the gap between summer and winter clothing and will leave you prepared for whatever comes your way. From jackets to bags, here's what you need.

First up is the collarless suit jacket. Referred to as the staple item in a transitional wardrobe, this jacket is your go-to clothing choice for this time of year. These jackets had a major comeback on the autumn/winter 2022 runways, updating them from their last appearance with softer shapes and more subtle designs. From the high street stores to the more expensive designer brands, everyone is selling them, all with their different takes. Purchase a knit version of the jacket for a fancier and more stylish approach to the cardigan. Serving as an extra layer in the cooler temperatures, it's the perfect piece for this time of year. While it remains warm, pair it with tailored shorts and then swap them out for tailored pants when the temperature plunges further. Add a knitted turtleneck sweater under the jacket for extra warmth and style.

Collarless Jacket Knit Fall
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Footwear is just as confusing at this time of year. Too hot for boots, but yet sandals seem just too much. Red magazine's fashion director, Oonagh Brennan, recommends the Dune Loupe Sandal. She believes these offer a minimal, elegant shoe for warmer and colder temperatures. In the peak of summer, a black pair can be paired with shorts and a t-shirt but can work with long wide-leg pants and a sweater at this transitional time.

As for bags, chained shoulder bags are the way to go. Opt for a classic black style which will elevate any sweater and pants look, and add jewelry design with the chain. Stock up on these staple items now and open your wardrobe confidently in the morning! You got this!

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