Jennifer Lopez Co-Designed This Fabulous Lingerie Collection


| LAST UPDATE 10/19/2023

By Colleen Walker
Jennifer Lopez Intimissimi Lingerie
@jlo via Instagram

While she may still be Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez has reached heights like no other star. From being the Super Bowl halftime show to running her own production company, Jennifer Lopez can do it all. Now, the star has created a capsule collection of lingerie, which is as luxurious as you could imagine.

The singer co-designed this capsule collection with Intimissimi, a brand for which she has been the global ambassador. The collection is titled This Is Me Now, which takes a hint of inspiration from her upcoming studio album This Is Me … Now. The new line draws inspiration from her creativity, which seems to be never-ending. The capsule includes everything you could dream of, from lacy bras to luxe silk robes to stunning and sexy pajama sets. There's also a recurring theme to each of the pieces. Lopez included a tiny charm of a hummingbird throughout the collection. She also has a song titled Hummingbird on her upcoming album. She told Harper’s Bazaar, "Whenever I see one, I always feel like it's a message from God that everything’s gonna be okay."

JLo Lingerie Capsule Collection
@jlo via Instagram
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She continued, "Including it so closely and intimately on lingerie means I get to carry that good feeling with me." Each item will be available in three different colors, with each color symbolizing a part of Lopez's style. The styles will come in black, champagne, and jade green. They represent elegance, poise, and wildness, respectively. JLo also shared with the magazine what this capsule collection means to her as an artist, creator, and person. "'This Is Me Now' is a statement of self-acceptance," she explained, "It's about truly embracing who you are completely in every way in the most emotionally intimate ways. [It's] the perfect occasion to collaborate with Intimissimi, because what's more intimate than lingerie?" The limited-edition collection is exclusively sold online and in select stores from October 18 through October 22.

Lopez also told Harper's Bazaar, "This is a deeper look into who I am and the personal journey that I've been on to arrive to where and who I am today, which is a happier and more confident, more accepting place. It's about accepting yourself for all of the beautiful scars that you carry with you, and loving every part of them all the same."

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