The Luxury Brand Logo Boom Is Over


| LAST UPDATE 04/04/2023

By Sydney Holder
Luxury Brands Logo Craze
Instagram via @bc.wedeserveit

It's time to go back to the basics. It's almost impossible to step out on the streets of any major city and not be smacked in the face with designer logo items. From the loud-printed Christian Dior Book Tote bag to Gucci's gold double Gs, and Balenciaga's name printed on everything from hoodies to sneakers and baseball caps, logo-branded items were the moment for a long moment. However, times are changing, and so is the logomania phase.

During the pandemic, luxury fashion houses experienced a dramatic peak in sales, as many consumers started allocating their dining and travel funds toward designer goods. "Consumers are more inclined towards flashy logos because they wanted their new bag or streetwear purchase to stand out," according to Bernstein luxury analyst Luca Solca. These customers were going for the loud logo-branded items, but now experts are seeing a shift in the logo craze as the economy shifts and people are focusing on sustainability. Working in the industry for over three decades, Luca has seen how people respond to logo-branded items during economic "boom times." However, during these times of recessions, it's often older clientele who are purchasing luxury items, and these consumers are looking for more subtle designs.

luxury brand logo minimalist
Instagram via @wor.rrry
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Major fashion houses are seeing dramatic shifts in leadership as well, which will ultimately lead to the brand's fresh remodel. Pharrell Williams is the new menswear designer of Louis Vuitton, Alessandro Michele is no longer Gucci's creative director, and Daniel Lee is Burberry's new creative director. While brands such as Balenciaga and Saint Laurent only amped up their signature logo in the past few years, Lee's first order of business was opting for the original Burberry logo. This classic serif design could begin to influence other luxury brands.

Not to mention, millennial customers are more concerned about sustainability, which means buying less! These clients are more likely to purchase timeless and minimalist pieces, such as the classic Chanel flap bag or Bottega Veneta's Jodie leather clutch, over whatever bag is trending at the moment. So, even though logo-emblazoned items may be going out of style sometime soon, just like every other trend, they'll be back eventually - so, no need to get rid of your Balenciaga hoodie quite yet.

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