Men’s Business Travel Attire: Then & Now


| LAST UPDATE 09/30/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Men Luxury Travel Attire
@nadjaf via Instagram

Since the first commercial air flight of 1914, there has been a vast evolution when it comes to traveling. From choosing our 'worst' clothing to making an entrance with our Samsonite luxe hand luggage, now, men's travel style has transformed into a new form of luxury...

Firstly, try not to confuse comfort and style when it comes to traveling. It is important to pick out the essentials. Though, attire differs when it comes to the type of travel, whether this is a train or trailer ride, or a long-haul flight. When prepping for a car journey, avoid tight belts, collars, or cuffs, as comfort is vital when sitting in the same position for a long time. There's also no harm in a few extra sweaters in the backseat. This is a similar case for train journeys. Depending on the weather, when trying to maintain a fashionable statement, anoraks are avoidable. Yet, a lightweight trenchcoat is a lighter and safer option that will keep you dry and warm. For long-haul flights, jeans are out of the question, especially when traveling First or Business class. A jacket with easily accessible pockets is also great for passports, tickets, or spare cash, while layers are also prioritized as temperatures can vary throughout a flight.

Men's Luxury Travel Attire
@no3l via Instagram
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For those windy and rainy days or even sunshine rays, a jacket is always essential. Weather is unpredictable, yet, despite the weather, a jacket will provide that extra mile of comfort. This can range from a leather biker to a blazer - or even a cozy overcoat. In contrast, the excessive amount of walking is fairly predictable when traveling. So, when it's time to pass through security, make sure your shoes are easy to slip off and on while avoiding any pain or blisters. Lastly, regardless of the journey's duration, hand luggage is always present. In simpler days, a toothbrush and fresh set of clothes were all one needed. Now, with more technology, chargers, and necessities, hand luggage is the greatest gift for on-the-go travel. So, while hand luggage will follow you wherever you go, don't judge yourself for spending a little extra on something lavish and protective.

As we travel more, we become accustomed to what is absolutely necessary and what we can leave behind. So, it is always useful to have a checklist gathering all of the regular essentials. Traveling should be relaxing and stress-free, especially as we are adapting to the modern world of luxury travel. Stay tuned for more top tips - and safe travels!

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