This Year's Oscars Red Carpet Is Going Green


| LAST UPDATE 12/05/2022

By Gitty McGee
cindy crawford oscars red carpet
William Nation / Contributor via Getty Images

Year after year, celebrities arrive at the Oscars ready to celebrate the wonder that is Hollywood. However, as excited as we all are to see who will take home the best actress award, what most of us really care about is the red carpet fashion. As each celebrity steps out of their black limo and in front of the cameras, we're all desperate to catch a glimpse of their glamorous attire. What pricey luxury designer was behind their look? Which latest trend are they embracing? This year, there's set to be a new question amongst the crowd - how sustainable is their outfit?

Come March 12, 2023, the red carpet at the Academy Awards is set to look a little different. For the first time, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is teaming up with Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) - an organization that attempts to increase sustainable practices in the entertainment industry. As part of this collaboration, guests will be sent their sustainable red carpet fashion guide, encouraging them to dress in line with their updated 'green' dress code.

Sustainable Fashion Oscars Red Carpet
David Livingston via Getty Images
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As part of this campaign, Hollywood stars are encouraged to turn up to the Oscars red-carpet in vintage clothing, taking pieces from the designer's archives over their new stock. Academy Award guests are asked to up-cycle their outfits and include fabrics such as linen, hemp, and wool which are made from natural sources. According to the guide, the stars should ensure sustainable and ethical practices are behind the production of their clothes, especially in regards to any dyes or coloring. With so many expensive and extravagant red carpet looks worn once and then never again, The Academy recommends its guests find alternative uses for their outfits following the event. Whether it's normalizing red carpet outfit repeats, repurposing, selling, or donating, a range of things can be done to halt the 'throw away' culture. 

"While the Academy remains consistent in our commitment to operating as a socially responsible organization with sustainability at our core, we acknowledge that there is always more we can do," Academy executive Jeanell English said. "We are proud to partner with RCGD Global. Its thought leadership and expertise, along with the active engagement of Academy members, will continue to support our forward and necessary momentum." Will the stars abide by these rules? Are we entering into a new era of red-carpet sustainable fashion? Only time will tell...

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