The RealReal: Your Secret to Luxury for Less


| LAST UPDATE 08/19/2022

By Sara Maxwell
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The RealReal is the biggest authentic resale site that gives customers the chance to shop designer pieces without breaking the bank. They have many choices from consigned clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art, and home decor. But while many of the pieces are in good condition, the pieces that have imperfections are less likely to be sold. And that's how the creaters of The RealReal got the idea to turn these clothing items into their very own original re-collection. Here's what to expect from their fourth collection.

"More often than not, these are the pieces in people's homes that end up in the landfill - alongside the 10.5 million tons of clothing sent there each year," explained The RealReal's Senior Fashion Lead Noelle Sciacca. She added, "Ninety-five percent of products destined for landfills could be reborn if they're repaired or upcycled in some way." When it came time to create the ReCollection 04, the company remembered these stats and used the clothing imperfections as inspiration. The RealReal team utilized damaged, ripped, stained, and destroyed clothing to build their 90-piece size and gender-inclusive collection. 

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This approach is different from their past original lines, where the team would actually try and get rid of the impurities that the designer clothes had. "For example, if there was staining at the dress's hemline, we cut the dress shorter. This time, we embraced signs of wear and tear," Sciacca said. The new way helps open more opportunities for the clothes to get a second life. "There's a lot of untapped opportunity with upcycling, and we're hoping to inspire and empower people. With a little creativity, you can do so many things to keep an imperfect-looking piece in circulation," said Sciacca. This is something the brand truly believes in.

For the 11+ years since the brand started, it has massively helped extend the life of all these luxurious pieces - thanks to the 28 million shoppers. The authenticated luxury consignment has become extremely popular with many customers who want to enjoy the luxurious things in life but maybe don't have the money. Check out The Real Real here. Happy shopping!

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