The Bold Trend That Took Over the Oscars Red Carpet


| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Oscars 2023 fashion flowers
ANGELA WEISS / Contributor via Getty Images

This season, florals have been taken up a notch, with the oversized rosette trend taking center stage at the 95th Academy Awards. From Halle Berry to Suki Waterhouse, celebrities were seen rocking everything from bodysuits and dresses sporting sculptural blooms of all shapes and sizes. Seen across runways during fashion month, too, it's clear these appliquéd florals are in, and they're here to make fashion what it should be: fun and exciting.

Unlike traditional spring florals that can be hard to wear and pair with other patterns, rosettes provide an artistic touch which is easy to pull off no matter your style. A simple bodysuit adorned with 3D appliqué takes it up a notch while still keeping it chic and timeless. And if you're looking for something more daring, headbands, shoes, bags - or even statement skirts with rosette details won't let you down either!

Halle Berry Oscars 2023
Allen J. Schaben / Contributor via Getty Images
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And thankfully, the worn-anywhere feel of these new florals means you don't need a special occasion for their statement-making power; this trend can easily transition from day-to-night or Oscars red carpet to streetwear alike. As more and more brands unveil their own take on rosettes for this upcoming season, there are sure to be plenty of options for everyone looking to get in on this blossoming spring look.

So if you're ready for a fresh new look that will turn heads wherever you go, why not add some artful florals to your wardrobe? Browse your favorite rosette pieces online now; with so many styles and colors available at your fingertips (both online & in stores), there's sure to be something out there that is perfect for any fashionista's taste. And don't think twice — if you spot a piece you like, go ahead and try out the rosette trend this spring. Whether it's a subtle print on a blazer or an eye-catching dress, adding some flair to your wardrobe is one way to ensure everyone notices you walking down the street this season! For those who want something more luxurious yet classic than any other trend out there — you can never go wrong with oversized appliquéd flowers!

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