Von Dutch Paris Releases First Luxury Eyewear Collection


| LAST UPDATE 04/13/2023

By Rose Fairchild
Von Dutch Paris Eyewear
JULIEN DE ROSA / Contributor via Getty Images

The American multinational fashion brand is stepping up for 2023. Primarily known for their nostalgic hats, the brand named after Kenny Howard - a.k.a Von Dutch - is marking a new territory in the fashion industry. Now, they are maintaining their throwback aesthetic with the launch of their new luxury eyewear.

Von Dutch apparel has released an array of items, from tops, bottoms, and accessories, to bowling bags and now eyewear. Not to mention, they trademarked their iconic "world famous truckers," which is a collection of various vibrant hats with patterns to choose from. We might recognize these hats from the early 2000s, when celebrities walked down the red carpet or even a morning Starbucks run, adding a classic Von Dutch to their signature look. But now, their new collection of sun blockers is hoping to "offer a global perspective in terms of design and trends," says Girls United. This specific expansion of the brand has maintained its visual representation of previous releases, which should ensure satisfaction with its loyal buyers.

Von Dutch luxury Eyewear
@IamIamago via Instagram
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The "retro-inspired, genderless collection pays tribute to 1990s art and culture, using mirrored lenses, classic shapes, and metal frames to match the luxury materials with reflective trends," says Girls United. The brand has also confirmed each design of the eyewear was intentionally crafted to resemble - and not to mention titled after - influential figures in American history, from Catherine Deneuve and Le Corbusier to James Dean, Man Ray, Ray Charles, and Steve McQueen. The carefully constructed glasses include a metal frame that spells out Von Dutch, named after the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing. The company plans its new collection to outcast any other eyewear in the industry, creating a new space for the reflective accessory. Colors of the snazzy shades include sun-kissed orange to olive green and range from $250 to $390, sold exclusively on the official Von Dutch website. The brand has successfully managed to maintain the 90s aesthetic for over 15 years and mastered the throwback pop culture streetwear.

Earl Pickens, the Artistic Director of Von Dutch, told WWD, "While we already have mastered the luxury clothing sector, eyewear has always been at the top of our list for our newest product, and we couldn’t be more excited to debut this launch... This line celebrates favorite eyewear styles from iconic decades in fashion but with a high-end twist, and they perfectly represent the new Von Dutch Paris line that we are excited to showcase worldwide."

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