These L.A. Airbnbs Are the Epitome of California Dreamin’


| LAST UPDATE 08/21/2022

By Sara Maxwell
luxury los angeles property
stephen dunn / staff via Getty Images

Oh, the city of Angels... from bright city lights to breezy ocean views, Los Angeles has it all. So much so, that Airbnb has even revealed it to be the destination with the most extended term stays for 2022. We guess there are many people that love to be in the California Dreamin' state of mind. But which home is the best to pick from all the luxurious options on Airbnb? Let's find out.

There are so many areas in LA to choose from - whether you want designer boutiques on Rodeo Drive or trendy shops on Abbot Kinney. Maybe you prefer the busy streets of Sunset Boulevard, or you like a chill atmosphere alongside the Pacific Coast Highway? So ask yourself, “Are you a Hills person or a beach person?” Because the neighborhood you choose to stay in will most likely affect your experience in the city.

los angeles luxury home
@losangeles.mansions via Instagram
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For a stay in Malibu, definitely check out the Stone Manor. Not only are stones the defining elements of the 3-story mansion, but it has three acres of terraced land and oozes an Arts & Crafts-styled home. And the best part? It's so close to the water that nearly every window has a sea view. Cozy and home but still beachy and luxurious!

For a more contemporary extravagant stay, check out the Bird Street Estate in the posh neighborhood of Hollywood Hills. The home has floor-to-ceiling windows, so light is constantly being brought into the beautifully designed home. It is also a part of Airbnb's Luxe collection, so you just know it will be perfect for a classy stay in Cali. On the opposite end of the spectrum, rent the Bohemian Hillside Retreat in Silver Lake. Now, don't get us wrong, this location is high-end, but the design of this home gives off a more hipster, chill vibe that we love. Featuring orange and blue detailing, this is definitely a cool property that represents perhaps LA's coolest neighborhood. (Think the Brooklyn of the West Coast). There are numerous other incredible places to choose from on Airbnb. But don't worry, the city of Angels will give you an unforgetable experience no matter where you end up...

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