Glamping: Where Luxury Meets Camping


| LAST UPDATE 10/02/2022

By Kimberly Knapp
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Glamping is the latest trend in luxury travel, and for a good reason. It combines the natural elements of camping with the glamorous lifestyle to create the ultimate luxury camping experience. What more could one possibly want from an outdoor adventure? Here's a closer look.

The term comes from combining the words glamorous and camping. From spending a night in a yurt in the native Australian bushlands to living in an Airstream in the Tuscan backcountry, the possibilities are endless with glamping. They all have the exact basic requirements - incredible destinations in nature and accommodations that make you feel at home. Guests can choose from cabins, tents, treehouses, eco-pods, and camper vans. Basic necessities like beds, working plumbing or electricity, and beds are provided. The places to choose from are never-ending, with new spots popping up daily. But while the trend has been gaining popularity recently, the outdoor experience is not particularly new.

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The first luxury camping experience dates back to the 16th century when John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Atholl, assembled tents that were decorated to the nines with his furniture and decorations when King James V and his mother visited him in the Scottish Highlands. Nowadays, there is no need to have a royal title to be treated like a Queen or King. Many companies are explicitly dedicated to booking a glamping trip, like, and others offer experiences that fall under the glamping protocols, like Airbnb. The niche has become so big that there was a trade event called The Glamping Show Summit. Clearly, luxury camping's momentum is only continuing to grow.

Connecting with nature is a fantastic way to disconnect and completely relax. Glamping allows travelers to immerse themselves in the outdoors without feeling like they need to sacrifice comfort or luxury. The camping experience offers a unique way to spend a night among the stars - combining the best of both worlds. Now that you know what glamping is, where is your first destination?

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