A Guide to the Ultimate Winter Trip in Canada


| LAST UPDATE 09/25/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Canada Winter Trip Experience
@azaleazoe via Instagram

For a country that provides "a warm welcome" with every visit, nothing beats Canada during the winter season. While Canada was ranked the third best country in the world in 2018 and 2019, there are enough opportunities to offer any visitor, ensuring a memorable Christmas trip.

Summer in Canada is renowned for its blue skies, "majestic western mountains," and "forested eastern valleys." Nothing is better than engulfing the gorgeous landscape as we lay beside Lake Ontario or Emerald Lake. However, seasons require different amenities for a reason, which includes different cities to perfectly suit the most wonderful time of the year. There is no better way to start a Christmas trip than in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. The town "boasts winter festivals and activities galore." If you have experienced skating in front of the Rockefeller Center, try gliding across the frozen Rideau Canal, offering five miles of skating, making it "the world's largest skating rink." The city is fully prepped if you are more of an indoor experience type of person. Embrace the multi-cultural country by experiencing the National Gallery of Canada or the Canadian Museum of History.

Ottawa Canada Iceskating Rideau
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If you are more of a wildlife and landscape seeker, look no further. The Banff National Park is not only Canada's first national park but offers an array of activities all year round. The park is known for "coming alive in winter," with its chateau-style hotels and skyline peak views of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, which shape the mountain panorama. The national park also displays the SnowDays Festival in January and Ice Magic Festival to satisfy everyone's Christmas tastebuds. For professional skiers, you will want to pay a visit to the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Whistler. While it's open six months out of the year, it is snowboarding, ski-jumping, and tobogganing heaven. Not to mention it was the home to many events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Now, if you're still in the mood for hot cocoa but something more chic, then head over to Toronto. The "wonderfully diverse city" offers an incredible fashion hotspot with high-class culinary options at every corner. While there is Ripley's Aquarium of Canada or Canada's Wonderland, the city is like walking through a snow globe as the CN tower "dominates the skyline." For the same aesthetic with higher temperatures, then Vancouver is your go-to. The vibrant city with bars, cultural museums, snowboarding, helicopter sightseeing, quality restaurants, and luxury hotels might be the perfect Christmas finish. The multi-purpose city offers luxury and casualty simultaneously.

It seems that these cities offer the perfect round trip in Canada. There is never a dull moment when the trip is mastered to perfection. While endless activities suit every preference, the country boasts excitement and culture.

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