Last-Minute Autumn Cruise Destinations


| LAST UPDATE 10/12/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Autumn Best Cruise Destinations
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Autumn has its pros and cons. However, for those who aren't looking forward to cozying up by the fire or aren't ready to tuck away the summer wardrobe, you might be already planning your next heatwave hotspot. Thankfully, there is an excellent line-up of cruise destinations to fulfill those holiday satisfactions. Why have one destination when you can travel the world? 

If Greek island hopping has been on the bucket list for quite some time, then look no further. You can't complain or decline an offer to travel through the Mediterranean waters. This route is a no-brainer. As passengers depart and sail from the Civitavecchia port, nearby Rome in Italy, the cruiseliner will take you through only the most beautiful landscapes. Enjoy waking up and overlooking the crystal clear or bright blue waters and century-old architecture. Not to mention, Mediterranean destinations have only the freshest food you could ever ask for. Passengers will head off first to Crete, where you can engulf in the mythical study by visiting Zeus's Cave and indulge in Greek cuisine. The next stop will dock in Istanbul, Turkey's primary city, filled with vibrancy and the epitome of culture. After days of site-seeing, the only way to end the trip is by heading back to Naples in Italy for the best pizza, colorful Italian houses, and perfect for strolling through the sites of Pompeii. 

Autumn Best Cruise Destinations
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For those who want to experience more of city life, start the trip in the home of Big Ben and the London Eye. After touring around, passengers will set sail from Southampton, leaving behind the fish and chips and heading towards warmer weather and tapas. Experience the vitality of Oporto in Portugal. Enjoy a three-hour wine tasting, especially in Duoro, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the piazza. Following Portugal, the cruiseliner will head over to Spain's Canary Islands, docking in Tenerife. Tenerife offers a range of water activities known for its ocean adventures, like kayaking and dolphin watching. When the day's fun is done, there's nothing like an evening celebration filled with music, dancing, fresh food stalls, and parades.

It looks like Winter is not winning this year. There are a variety of destinations suited to every preference and with great value for the price. These cruises offer all-inclusive packages, so couples, singles, and even families can enjoy every aspect of their Autumn. Yet, if you're in the mood for a one-location vacation, fall for these European hotspots.

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