Los Cabos: The Ultimate Luxury Travel Destination Revealed


| LAST UPDATE 06/12/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Los Cabos luxury travel
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In the realm of luxury travel, few destinations rival the allure of Los Cabos. According to a recent report by Slingo, this remarkable locale has firmly established itself as one of the world's foremost luxury travel hotspots. What sets this study apart is its reliance on facts rather than personal experiences, making it an objective measure of excellence. The conclusion? Los Cabos boasts the second-most comprehensive array of amenities among luxury resorts worldwide, second only to Abu Dhabi.

With a staggering 173 hotels in Cabo, as reported by the Mexican government in 2021, finding a 5-star resort is a breeze. These prestigious establishments account for 15% of the hotel offerings, giving affluent travelers approximately 26 5-star options to choose from when planning their luxury getaway. The availability of such a wide range of choices has been warmly received by visitors, prompting high-end hotel brands to expand their presence along the Mexican Pacific coast. Cabo's dominance in luxury travel extends to its pool offerings. Among the 10 cities evaluated in the report, Cabo takes the lead when it comes to the likelihood of enjoying an infinity pool as a guest. Remarkably, 10% of the hotels in Cabo feature these exquisite pools, with standout favorites like the ones found at the Hard Rock, Nobu, and Grand Velas resorts. For those seeking the ultimate pool experience, the Chileno Bay resort deserves special mention, as it boasts one of the top pools in the region.

Los Cabos luxury destination
Shalom Ormsby Images Inc via Getty Images
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Indulgence knows no bounds in Cabo, with an impressive 41% of hotels offering the lavish amenities of hot tubs and jacuzzis. It's worth noting that these amenities are typically reserved for premium room options, meaning that standard accommodations may not include this exclusive perk. Nonetheless, the abundance of options allows travelers to tailor their experience to their desires. While Cabo excels in most areas, the report highlights one amenity that is somewhat limited in local resorts: indoor pools. Only 2% of properties in Los Cabos offer this particular feature, a decision influenced by the desire to capitalize on Cabo's extraordinary weather and breathtaking views. The allure of the outdoors, epitomized by the magnificent cliffside resorts like the Waldorf Astoria, renders indoor pools unnecessary. Instead, Cabo's resorts emphasize the allure of infinity pools, harmonizing with the natural splendor of the surroundings.

Beyond its ranking as the second-best luxury travel destination globally, this report serves as a valuable guide for travelers planning a visit to Cabo. It offers a glimpse into the remarkable array of amenities available at local resorts, from infinity pools to indulgent hot tubs. Whether you seek a lavish poolside experience or the utmost in relaxation, Los Cabos stands ready to cater to the whims and desires of affluent travelers.

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