Luxury Ski Destinations to Visit Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 01/28/2022

By Tracy Morrison
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Travel blogger Inka Piegsa Quischotte wasn't always much of a skier - that was, until she went on a skiing trip with her boyfriend. It was at that very moment where that she fell in love with the sport - at "one of the most luxurious and fashionable ski resorts in the world." Since then, she's rounded up seven must-visit destinations for ski lovers like herself. Here they are.

The first location on our list is in a country famous for its beautiful snow: Switzerland. The city of Davos, located in the eastern part of the country, is home to five resorts and 200 miles of snowy slopes. A popular attraction in the city for skiers is Glacier 3000 - the only spot for glacier skiing in the entire region. Not only has it become a favorite location for the rich and famous, but royal figures as well! The resort hosts nearly a thousand events per year in the city to entertain such visitors.

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Instagram via @alexanderwilhelmdavos
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Next up is the city that hosted several of the Olympic Winter Events in 2020: Whistler, British Columbia. With 8,100 acres of snow, the possibilities are almost endless! Inka also noted that heli-skiing is especially popular in the area, although it's also a fantastic spot for snowboarding and snowmobiling. Several movies were shot in the city, including Joe Carnahan's 2011 film The Gray, starring Liam Neeson. And those who especially enjoy seeing animals out in the wild may be able to witness bald eagles fishing for salmon - if they're lucky.

The next destination may be a bit surprising for some: Spain. Baqueira-Beret (above), located in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, debunks the common belief that Spain is a warm and humid country. The resort has a yearly promise of winter snowfall, and 100 miles of skiing spots, making it a popular vacation place for skiers from around the world. It also contains several luxury hotels with great spas to relax in after an eventful and action-filled day. No wonder it's a favorite destination for the Spanish Royal Family and other wealthy figures to spend the colder months in! Will any of these resorts be on your travel bucket list? Be sure to let us know.

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