Around the World: Luxury Travel Destinations


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Luxury Summer Travel Resorts
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If there's a travel bucket list to be made, these destinations have earned their spot. From African wonders of the world to isolated glamping in Saudi Arabia, luxury travel has escalated to a whole new level. These hidden hideaways have been created to escape from the real world, going beyond travel expectations in any preferred destinations. While traveling provides experiences entirely out of the ordinary, why not do it in style?

Post-pandemic has caused an influx of travelers and new destinations. Where hidden gems have come out of the blue, these "once in a lifetime experiences" accommodations range from hidden hills with panoramic views to adventures that aren't found anywhere else. If a fishing trip is on the cards, try the Salmon Falls Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ditch and switch the bay boat for the Presidential King Ocean View Suite, offering "complimentary" private dining and couples massages. Become hooked on this experience, as the 4-night stay comes at a valued price of $15,000. All for a good reason, the stay provides airport transfers, $250 fish "shipping credit," an oyster farm tour, two days of fishing with a guide, and a private flight tour that circulates over the Misty Fjords. This experience is quite the catch, offering luxury on a silver platter. 

Luxury Travel Alaska Destinations
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Or travel back in time to the "ancient sites" of Habitus AlUla. Wake up in the midst of the Saudi Arabia desert, surrounded by nature but in the comfort of the isolated glamping tent in the middle of Ashar Valley. Immerse into the Saudi Arabian culture with desert decor, unique dining experiences, "wellness offerings," and excursions to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra. A camping trip like no other and an unforgettable encounter. While these group vacations are like no other, there are solo trips on offer for some quaint alone time. Perfectly titled the "Alonemoon," the solo escape package in St. Barths is the perfect trip for rejuvenation. Accommodated by Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf, the single guest will receive a 5-star experience over a 4-night stay. With $250 of fine dining, private yoga, and meditation, and $150 to be spent at the local boutique, there is never a dull moment - especially when it's time to return to the Bungalow Deluxe suites with perfect sunset views overlooking the island.

While there are hundreds of destinations to choose from, every one of them, without a doubt, is truly breathtaking. For a stay of serenity and rental escapes, villas, suites, and bungalows are on offer for ultimate luxury moments. While these visits are not precisely low-priced, the combination of pure paradise, cultural variation, and the extensive range of amenities live up to the prices' expectations. Start searching: your next adventure awaits.

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