Blending Luxury Travel with Ecosystem Regeneration


| LAST UPDATE 08/01/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Red Sea luxury travel
Saad Alaiyadhi via Pexels

The luxury travel industry is undergoing a significant transformation, shifting its focus from mere sustainability to a more proactive approach – regeneration. One notable player at the forefront of this movement is Red Sea Global (RSG), a property developer that aims to harmoniously intertwine luxury travel with regenerative practices.

RSG's ambitious plans include the target of achieving a 30% net conservation benefit at each of their destinations, specifically The Red Sea and Amaala, by the year 2040. This goal signifies a commitment not just to preserving the environment but also actively improving and restoring the ecosystems where their properties are located. A key element of RSG's strategy is the use of renewable energy. The Red Sea project, for instance, is planned to run solely on renewable sources. Moreover, to prevent the harmful effects of over-tourism, the company has decided to cap the annual number of visitors to The Red Sea at one million.

luxury regenerative travel RSG
Tom Swinnen via Pexels
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The first phase of RSG's exciting venture includes the opening of three hotels this year, with further expansion planned by 2024. These developments mark the initial steps towards making Saudi Arabia a leading global destination for sustainable luxury travel. To compliment these efforts, RSG has launched three new subsidiary brands, each designed to enhance the recreational offerings at their locations. Akun focuses on land adventures, offering guests opportunities to explore the unique landscapes. WAMA, on the other hand, specializes in water activities, providing a variety of aquatic experiences. Lastly, Galaxea offers guests the chance to discover the breathtaking underwater world.

These brands are designed not just to offer thrilling experiences, but also to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility. They have tailored activities for parents with disabilities and offer therapeutic retreats, ensuring that all guests, regardless of their abilities or circumstances, can fully enjoy their stay. In essence, RSG's initiatives represent a new era in luxury travel – one that prioritizes regeneration over mere sustainability. Through its innovative approach, RSG is paving the way for a future where luxury does not come at the expense of the environment, but instead contributes positively to it. If successful, these projects could redefine the standards for the entire industry, making Saudi Arabia a world leader in sustainable luxury travel.

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