Maui: Where Luxury & Giving Back Unite


| LAST UPDATE 08/07/2022

By Sara Maxwell
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For years Maui has been a destination where thousands of people travel each year - thanks to its scenic views and beautiful beaches. But sadly, during the pandemic, fewer people were able to get to Hawaii island. And while nearly every popular travel spot had a similar issue, Maui had a bit of a different situation. When visitors were finally able to get back to the stunning views, something unfortunate happened. Tourists treated the island with disrespect and neglect. Here's how the luxurious destination is working on the problem.

Hawaii Tourism Authority decided they needed to put an end to visitors acting disrespectfully to the locals and the heaps of trash being left on the street. They eagerly want to bring back "malama" known as a Hawaiian concept that means to "care for" or "protect." To do so, they encouraged tourists to respect the Hawaiian culture by asking them to do volunteer work.

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But this idea also falls right into the category of luxury travel: lavish hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton Maui, the Andaz, and the Grand Wailea, have promised guests a free night if they participate in local community service activities. The Ritz is a 22,000-acre resort that has stunning ocean views, two golf courses, and miles of hiking trails, including the stunning Kapalua Coastal Trail. They also boast five pools, including three ocean-facing, cascading infinity pools, a lagoon pool, and an adult tranquility pool. And finally, the beach area offers an option to rent or borrow equipment like snorkel gear, body boards, and kayaks. So, it's definitely worth helping the island in return for a free night at a 5-star hotel. There are many options - from cleaning up beaches to volunteering with the Pacific Whale Foundation or Lahaina Restoration Foundation through the Malama Hawaii Program

But if the Ritz doesn't sound like the one for you, the Waldorf Astoria resort might be! Located just less than half a mile away at the Grand Wailea, here, luxury never ends. From holding the largest private art collection in Hawaii and 40 acres of tropical gardens, the hotel is a sight to see. So instead of telling tourists they are no longer allowed on the island, Maui and the Hawaii Tourism Authority are offering an opportunity for visitors to enjoy their luxurious amenities… all while giving back. Sounds like the ultimate treat to us!

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