New York City's Comeback


| LAST UPDATE 09/15/2022

By Rose Fairchild
New York City Comeback
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

For any trendy jet-setter, to land in New York City is undoubtedly a dream come true. Whether you're gliding along the ice at the Rockefeller Center or sipping martinis on The Top of The Strand, no season doesn't complement the big apple. While we watched the busy sidewalks of Wall Street completely desert throughout the pandemic, we are finally witnessing the New York lights shine again.

While New York City is deemed a luxury travel destination, many businesses believe it is the hotspot for a meeting. Every New Yorker can confidently maintain a healthy work/life balance. There is nothing wrong with closing that deal and heading off to the East Village to wind down with an olive martini. With bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and innovative business locations at every corner, the unstoppable location is ready to make its comeback. Throughout the two-year pandemic, New York was declared "dead." Now, residents and incoming travelers are finally starting to feel alive again in the electric city. That being said, there has been a growth in business and travel opportunities to fulfill its luxury trademark once again.

New York City Comeback
@indagaretravel via Instagram
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So, what's opening up in New York? For starters, Women's Wear Daily has announced the 2024 opening of the Paris department store, Printemps, which will be based on One Wall Street, Manhattan. With affluent shoppers considered, the extensive global market will aim to increase brand awareness. Regarding the future influx of European travelers, hotel innovation has been redefined as Caviar Kaspia is opening at the 5-star luxury hotel, The Mark Hotel. For a French restaurant that has been in business for 95 years and "contributed to the rise of the Art of Caviar," this is just one of the show-stopping comebacks New York has to offer. Unfortunately, while the Ian Schrager Hotel - which opened in the late 90s - was known for its chic spaces, the pandemic forced its closure. Nonetheless, the "aberration" of hotels in New York just meant others could open and enhance the city's value, including the Aman at the Crown Building on 57th street and the Ritz-Carlton NoMad. 

Thankfully, there is plenty of room for luxury in the 11th most popular city in the world. While New York is accessible, it's not the easiest city to do business with. With thousands of competitors trying to secure open spaces, receiving a tabloid acknowledgment takes even more effort. The city doesn't sleep, and now with new openings, things are just getting re-started.

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