Paros, Greece: The Ultimate Travel Guide


| LAST UPDATE 08/11/2022

By Sara Maxwell
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When we hear that someone is headed to Greece, we usually think of Mykonos or Santorini. And while these islands may be the most popular, that doesn't necessarily mean they offer the most luxurious experiences. One low-key island that seems to get less attention (and therefore has fewer tourists - a plus) is Paros, Greece. From delicious food to beautiful hotels, here's the ultimate guide to doing Paros, Greece, in class and style.

This Mediterranean beach island is simple to get to. If you are headed from Athens, it's accessible by plane - but those coming in from Mykonos can take the ferry. But no matter your route, the journey is worth it because you'll be greeted by stunning views and outstanding service - especially if your staying at Cosme, a new Luxury Collection resort. The hotel's architecture represents the Greek culture by incorporating whitewashed adobe walls, flat roofs, and colorful bougainvillea bushes. Cosme offers many amenities, including a half-moon infinity pool, shaped in a way that complements the cerulean Aegean sea below it. There is also a private beach club and, of course, a relaxing spa that has a star gazing room that allows guests to look at the shining lights at night. But arguably the best part of the resort is the restaurant Parostià by chef La Guerite, who used to run La Guerite in St. Barths.

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VW Pics / Contributor via Getty Images
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But if you're looking for a more local take on Greek food, check out Mario. This restaurant, located in Nassau, has everything from good eats to good vibes. In the evening, the workers spread out turquoise chairs and tables at the town's main square. By the time the sun is setting, every seat is filled with locals and tourists drinking delicious wines and munching on fresh ceviche and fish. 

No vacation is complete without leaving your destination with way more clothes than you arrived with. Luckily, Paros is home to many boutiques and shops that offer plenty of luxe shopping options. The best way to do this is to cruise down the streets of Parikia and Nassau until you see a store that catches your eye. But if that's not your style, then definitely check out Retro Greco, a shop that specializes in vintage pieces. And for specially curated pieces, head on over to Oneira, a concept store that has selected accessories, hats, scarves, and many items perfect to take back to decorate your home. 

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