Private Yacht Charters Are Taking Over Luxury Travel


| LAST UPDATE 08/25/2022

By Sara Maxwell
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ARIS MESSINIS / Contributor via Getty Images

From first-class tickets to 5-star hotels, luxury travel is a hot market. But the vacation experiences that have been rising to the top this summer are both private yacht charters and luxury small ship cruises. Here's why.

Eric Goldring from Goldring Travel, a luxury specialist in Truckee, California, revealed that he has seen "a lot of interest" in these lavish experiences. Fischer Travel, a membership-only agency in New York City, has also reported that their elite customers have preferred private yacht charters as it seems like the best vacation option for their family and friends. The agency's vice president Dee Branciforte said they found "a tremendous increase" this year in clients cruising out the waters in style. But why the sudden interest?

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Ethan Swope / Stringer via Getty Images
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Although yachts and big boats have always been on the radar of the mega-rich, this newfound interest probably has something to do with the exclusive experience only seen on these charters - as well as the 2-year hold-up on travel that caused people to be even more excited to go out and enjoy their holiday. So when it comes to yacht charters, there's nothing like a less populated and beautiful destination. And the best part is the boat travels with you and includes an immense amount of lavish amenities. There are curated wine tastings and cooking classes, as well as outdoor activities, great food and drinks, and, obviously, personalized service that's on deck at all times! 

“Some places are best explored by land and sea,” explained Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. He mentioned that the appeal also lies in the fact that small boats can enter smaller ports and are able to alter itineraries while en route. The goal of those running charters is to give guests an intimate experience that allows them to get “close to the people, the cultures, the traditions.” Some popular destinations to go on a charter is the Mediterranean coast which includes places like Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Spain. “I would definitely recommend a yacht charter again to luxury clients looking for a very personalized experience,” said Europe specialist Patt Potter of Travel Leaders in Maple Grove, Minn. Stay tuned for more from the world of luxury travel.

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