Six Senses Is Heading to The Bahamas!


| LAST UPDATE 11/06/2022

By Rose Fairchild
Six Senses Resort Grand Bahama
@cuteboysjourney via Instagram

The Six Senses: underhandedly a resort entirely out of the ordinary. Don't be blindsided by the term 'resort,' as this hotel is far from any other that offers an all-inclusive option. However, it provides an experience like no other competitor. Now, the hotel chain continues to stand out from the rest as it plans to open the doors to its 23rd hotel.

The Six Senses website describes the resorts as landscapes to "reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in places of incredible natural beauty, with meaningful experiences, empathetic hospitality, and pioneering wellness." The resort has equally defined luxury travel, just as much as any hidden location and a place for serenity. After being founded in 1995, the chain boasts 22 locations. Now, the hotel is set to open a new resort of residences in Grand Bahama, a Caribbean island located 55 miles from Southwest Florida and northeast of Cuba. Residents of the isolated space can expect the start of employment opportunities while arriving guests can engage with the community and enhance island activity. The aim is to encourage future generations to visit Grand Bahama, acknowledging its sustainability and wellness. 

Six Senses Resort Bahamas
@steffenmichels via Instagram
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According to The Luxury Travel Expert, the best Six Senses resort brings the Zighy Bay, Oman, location at number one. The aquamarine hotspot is dubbed "an ultra-luxurious hidden gem" that gives a feeling of "exotic remoteness." However, can the new build takes its place? Designed by architects 3XN, The Grand Bahama blueprint is set to include 45 waterfronts, canal villas, and 2,400 ft of beachfront with water at three points of the island. According to Luxury Travel Advisor CEO Neil Jacobs, "We're eager to reflect the authenticity of Bahamian lifestyle, culture, and landscape through organic pathways and architectural design to create a community blended with our signature ethos of wellness, sustainability, crafted guest experiences, and emotional hospitality." Take off from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and just 2.5 hours later, guests will already have immersed themselves into "coastal resilience." Aside from welcoming guests to an array of luxury, the project aims to enhance job training and skillset within the island community. After partnering with Blue Action Lab, the launch will hopefully create many opportunities for Bahamians. Founding partner and president of Weller Development Partners Marc Weller explained, "we want to build trust and work with the people of Grand Bahama to achieve their priorities and realize the potential of this amazing island." Collectively, the island alone already has an alluring effect, with its golden beaches and aquamarine waters, and even "mangrove forests, sea caves, and sandy cays" to explore. 

Until the grand opening in 2026, Six Senses will continue to offer its top-notch amenities at their other outstanding properties worldwide. While the luxurious resort already has locations in tourist hot spots like Ibiza, Cambodia, and China, see everything they offer here.

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