The Top South American Destination Has Been Revealed


| LAST UPDATE 09/06/2022

By Rose Fairchild
costa rica travel destinations
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Costa Rica is known for its stunning rainforests and scenic coastlines surrounded by the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. Aside from its wildlife, tourists can enjoy a vast range of activities while scanning the national parks. As well as being a wonder of the world, it has now "been crowned" the leading South American destination for travel. Here's why.

The "stunning landscape" of the country has visitors in awe over its "unrivaled levels of biodiversity." First of all, if we are one to chase waterfalls, Costa Roca is the ultimate finish line. Costa Rica contains "geographical features" like no other South American wonder. Walking along wooden bridges and panning over crystal clear water is a real-life paradise for anyone who visits. Its biodiverse landscape features natural wonders, including "volcanoes, tropical rainforests, deep lagoons, winding rivers, golden beaches all in the same place." It is impossible to run out of things to do and places to go. For a reasonably small country, Costa Rica has 6 current active and over 60 extinct volcanoes. It also has 27 national parks with trails for the best hikes, terminating at the Rio Celeste waterfall. There is a breathtaking sight each day. 

Rio Celeste Costa Rica
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What's a hike without spotting some wildlife? With over 500,000 animal species, visitors are bound to come across scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, butterflies, iguanas, and even sloths. Still, the country is not just for hikes and wildlife. The hot spot is perfect for a family vacation as well. Costa Rica offers "thrilling activities," from river rafting, ATV driving, scuba diving, surfing, horseback riding, and "even zip lining through the rainforest." To unwind, the country provides over 800 miles of Pacific and Caribbean shorelines. Predominantly, Tamarindo is one of the most popular beaches for surfing and "spotting sea turtles." The country further obtains "world-class resorts." With rainforests and hot springs at the doorstep, the luxury resorts offer alternative spa treatments to engulf in a ray of relaxation. While all these adventures can work up an appetite, Costa Rica produces unique and taste-bud-tingling meals like vuelve a la vida and arreglados. The promising chefs know how to serve up a storm in the rainforest. 

The home of coffee and happiness has most definitely earned its royal status, establishing itself as a must-visit destination. Whether the trip is done in style or backpacking through the geographical wonders, Costa Rica is one to be put at the top of the travel list. It is pura vida, pure life.

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