Hello, Spring: Top Destinations To Explore Over Break


| LAST UPDATE 02/27/2023

By Tracy Morrison
spring break travel destination 2023
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Looking for unique spring break destination? With hotel prices and airfare on the rise, it may seem like a challenge to plan an affordable getaway. However, there are still deals available if you're flexible and willing to think outside the box. Here are some destinations that can help you save money while still enjoying a fun-filled vacation.

Instead of Hawaii, consider the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. While Cancún is undoubtedly a popular spot, it's also quite pricey. Use Cancún as a jumping-off point to explore less-touristy parts of the region such as Mérida or Puerto Morelos. Natalia de la Rosa Hilario, a food writer and operations leader for Club Tengo Hambre food tours, recommends visiting the charming fishing village of Celestún for its flamingo-filled nature reserve and stopping at freshwater pools along the way. Not only will you save money by avoiding expensive tourist traps, but you'll also get to experience more authentic aspects of Mexican culture.

spring break mexico travel guide
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A budget-friendly alternative to Italy is Spain! Hayley Berg found spring deals on flights to Barcelona and Ibiza from the East Coast. But why limit yourself to these two popular destinations when there's so much more to discover in this fascinating country? Consider exploring La Rioja, which is famous for its red wine. Stay in Logroño where you'll find wineries within city limits and incredible bars and restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine. You'll get to experience Spanish culture firsthand while indulging your taste buds with some of the best wine and food in the world.

Most people would head straight for the Caribbean, but Florida beaches can be just as gorgeous! Despite Hurricane Ian's recent devastation, Florida remains one of the most popular spring break destinations in the country - and for good reason! Destin and Anna Maria are among Vacasa's top vacation searches between March and late April, while Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale rank among the cheapest domestic destinations to fly into, according to Skyscanner data. Consider renting a car from these hubs to explore nearby beach towns along State Road 30A for an affordable trip that will allow you to soak up some sun while enjoying all that Florida has to offer. Ultimately, planning ahead is key when it comes to finding travel deals during peak seasons such as spring break. However, with some flexibility and creativity in your itinerary, you can still enjoy a memorable vacation without breaking the bank!

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