Switzerland's Graubunden: The Must-Visit Luxury Destination


| LAST UPDATE 04/16/2023

By Tracy Morrison
Switzerland Graubunden luxury destination
Saro17 via Getty Images

For those looking for the perfect alpine getaway, Switzerland's Graubunden is a unique destination that offers much more than just winter sports. With its snow-capped mountains, boutique wineries, designer stores, Michelin-starred restaurants, and scenic hiking trails, this Swiss canton has something for everyone. What's more, the region boasts top-notch efficiency and unparalleled beauty, thanks to its UNESCO-stamped Rhaetian Railway system.

The train system, which is efficient and reliable, caters mainly to visitors coming in from Zurich Airport. It transports passengers from the airport to the various small towns scattered throughout the rugged landscape of this mountainous region. With striking views, seamless connections, and clockwork precision, the railway system is a remarkable feat of engineering that's both functional and breathtaking. For instance, the train ride from Zurich Airport to St Moritz takes about 3.5 hours with two stops. However, it's a scenic route that winds through the stunning landscape of lakes, fields, and mountains. As the train passes through Albula Pass, which has earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, passengers can take in the mesmerizing natural splendour and snap holiday photos that they'll cherish for years to come.

Switzerland Graubunden luxury travel
Achim Thomae via Getty Images
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St. Moritz, one of the canton's most sought-after destinations, draws a large and wealthy clientele, some of whom arrive on private jets via the Engadin Airport. The town's panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, coupled with its sunny weather (over 300 days of sun per year), make it an ideal location for luxury travellers. Visitors can stay at the historical Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, which has been standing for over 160 years and is known as the birthplace of winter tourism. The hotel has recently undergone a redesign and renovation by the celebrated architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, which only adds to its appeal.

All in all, the Graubunden canton is an enchanting destination that's worth exploring. Its blend of fascinating history, scenic landscapes, and modern luxury offerings makes it a perfect choice for discerning travellers who appreciate an efficient system and picture-perfect surroundings. With its unparalleled beauty and allure, the canton is living up to its reputation as the newest "it" destination for the affluent set.

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